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Sun, May 26th
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CNN.com delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more.: At least 15 dead as severe weather sweeps across central US



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Washington Post World NewsMay 26, 2024
Hamas fires rockets at central Israel for the first time in months
Hamas said it launched rockets toward Tel Aviv; Israel said its Iron Dome system intercepted many of them. Fighting continues in Rafah.

Tel Aviv Comes Under Fire As Hamas Rockets Pierce Israel's 'Iron Dome' (Newsweek)
Israel-Gaza live updates: Hamas fighters launch rocket attack on Israel (ABC News)

Int'l Herald TribuneMay 26, 2024
Storms Kill 14 in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas as Severe Weather Moves East
Deaths were reported in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas after heavy storms swept into the area. Millions of Americans were under the threat of more severe weather Sunday.

11 dead, dozens injured as apparent tornadoes tear through Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma (ABC News)

BBC Front PageMay 26, 2024
Hamas launches rocket attack towards Tel Aviv
Hamas fires rockets towards the Tel Aviv area in central Israel for the first time in months.

CBC Top StoriesMay 26, 2024
Storm leaves at least 11 dead in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas
Powerful storms killed at least 11 people and left a wide trail of destruction Sunday across Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Meanwhile, 125,000 fans attending the Indianapolis 500 were told to evacuate due to an approaching severe thunderstorm, which was expected to produce dangerous winds and lightning.

Washington Post World NewsMay 26, 2024
Far-right Israeli settlers step up attacks on aid trucks bound for Gaza
The settler groups use a web of publicly accessible WhatsApp groups to track the trucks and coordinate attacks, providing a window into their activities.

Int'l Herald TribuneMay 26, 2024
Russia Plans New Ukraine Offensive as Zelensky Urges Biden and Xi to Join Peace Summit
Moscow is again amassing forces near the border, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine warned. His comments came as officials said that a Russian strike had killed at least 16 people in Kharkiv.

BBC Front PageMay 26, 2024
Cleverly says national service plan would boost skills but Labour calls it a gimmick
National service will engage young people in society again, says Home Secretary James Cleverly.

What is the Tory national service plan and how might it work? (BBC Front Page)

NYT Middle EastMay 26, 2024
Aid Deliveries From Egypt Into Gaza Are Due to Resume
After U.S. pressure, Egypt said last week that it had agreed to send trucks through the Israeli-controlled Kerem Shalom crossing as a temporary measure.

About 200 aid trucks enter Gaza through Kerem Shalom crossing (CBC Top Stories)

NPR Topics: NewsMay 26, 2024
At least 2 dead in Texas after severe weather hits Texas and Oklahoma
At least two people are dead after severe weather swept across Texas and Oklahoma overnight, causing extensive damage and outages, authorities said.

MSNBC Int'l NewsMay 26, 2024
12 people injured after Qatar Airways plane hits turbulence on flight to Dublin
LONDON — Twelve people were injured when a Qatar Airways plane flying from Doha to Dublin on Sunday hit turbulence, airport authorities said.

12 injured after Dublin-bound Qatar Airways flight hits turbulence (CBC Top Stories)

NewsweekMay 26, 2024
Videos of Donald Trump Loudly Booed During Speech Go Viral
Videos on social media show the former president being met with boos at several points as he spoke to the Libertarian National Convention on Saturday.

Jenna Ellis Gloats After Donald Trump's Libertarian Convention Fiasco (Newsweek)

MSNBC Int'l NewsMay 26, 2024
Ukraine's Zelenskyy calls on Biden and China's Xi to join peace summit as Ukraine struggles repel Russian attacks
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zeleznskyy appealed to President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping to join an upcoming peace summit as his country struggles to stave off unrelenting attacks by Russia in its 27-month-old invasion.

NewsweekMay 26, 2024
Donald Trump's Libertarian Convention Appearance Goes Off Script
The presumptive Republican nominee for the presidential election was booed while speaking to libertarians on Saturday.

Christian Science Monitor--worldMay 26, 2024
As rescuers reach Papua New Guinea landslide, death toll estimate climbs
The International Organization for Migration has increased its estimate of the death toll from a massive landslide in Papua New Guinea to more than 670. Local officials had initially put the death toll on Friday at 100 or more.

More than 670 people believed killed in Papua New Guinea landslide, says UN agency (CBC Top Stories)
UN migration agency estimates more than 670 killed in Papua New Guinea landslide (ABC News)

BBC News Front Page | WorldMay 26, 2024
We will not increase income tax or national insurance, Labour says
The shadow chancellor told the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg she would face "difficult decisions" on spending.

Int'l Herald TribuneMay 26, 2024
Even as Violent Crime Drops, Lawlessness Rises as a 2024 Election Issue
In most cities, rates of homicide and violent assault are down significantly from pandemic-era highs. But property crimes have risen, fueling voter anxiety.

NPR Topics: NewsMay 26, 2024
UN estimates more than 670 killed in Papua New Guinea landslide
The International Organization for Migration on Sunday increased its estimate of the death toll from a massive landslide in Papua New Guinea to more than 670.

ABC NewsMay 26, 2024
Aid trucks begin entering Gaza under agreement with Egypt to bypass Rafah
Aid trucks have begun entering Gaza from southern Israel through a new agreement to bypass the Rafah crossing with Egypt after Israeli forces seized the Palestinian side of it earlier this month

BBC Front PageMay 26, 2024
Tributes to pilot who died in Spitfire crash
The pilot died when his Spitfire crashed in a field near an RAF station at Coningsby on Saturday.

CBC Top StoriesMay 26, 2024
Inflation is down, the economy is growing. But will the cost-of-living crisis sink Sunak in the U.K. election?
The cost-of-living crisis may be the dominant issue during the six-week campaign of the U.K. election.

BBC News Front Page | WorldMay 26, 2024
Eight in hospital after turbulence on Doha-Dublin flight
Dublin Airport says the Boeing 787-9 dreamliner experienced turbulence while airborne over Turkey.

The Hamas Chief and the Israeli Who Saved His Life (NYT Middle East)
Washington Post World NewsMay 25, 2024
U.S. silent as global condemnation of Israel's Rafah offensive grows
The Biden administration maintains that Israel's invasion of the southern Gazan city is "limited," despite an International Court of Justice order and a worsening humanitarian crisis.
Condemnation Slows, but Does Not Stall, Israel's Assault on Rafah (Int'l Herald Tribune)

NYT Middle EastMay 25, 2024
Israel Continues Military Offensive in Rafah After ICJ Order
The court on Friday ordered Israel to suspend its military offensive and "any other action" in Rafah that might wholly or partly destroy the Palestinian population there.

Int'l Herald TribuneMay 25, 2024
17 Hours to Find the Crash That Killed Ebrahim Raisi, Iran's President
As a frenzied quest began for the fallen helicopter of President Ebrahim Raisi, Iran moved to control possible threats from abroad and unrest at home.

Washington Post World NewsMay 25, 2024
U.N. chief ‘trusts' Israel will comply with ICJ order to halt Rafah assault
Israeli officials indicated they would ignore the International Court of Justice's ruling that Israel "immediately halt" its military operation in Rafah.

NPR Topics: NewsMay 25, 2024
During West Point commencement speech, Biden applauds U.S. military role abroad
President Biden delivered his first commencement speech as commander-in-chief to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. There, he did not shy away from discussing the growing conflict in Europe and the Middle East.

BBC News Front Page | WorldMay 25, 2024
Pilot dies after Spitfire crash in Lincolnshire field
Emergency services are at the scene of the crash near RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire.

NYTimes GlobalMay 25, 2024
Biden Addresses Graduating Cadets at West Point Military Academy
President Biden's commencement address comes at a moment of military upheaval abroad, university protests at home and a looming rematch with former President Donald J. Trump.

NYT Middle EastMay 25, 2024
Israel and Hamas Could Restart Cease-Fire Talks Within a Week, Officials Say
Negotiators held preliminary discussions in Paris this weekend, hoping to revive the possibility of a truce, the officials said.

NYT Middle EastMay 24, 2024
ICJ Decision Adds to Israel's Growing Isolation
An order to stop the Rafah offensive was the latest action against Israel, all of which create "a tremendous sense of pressure," a former consul general said.
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