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BBC Front PageJan 23, 2021
Covid: 'More deadly' UK variant claim played down by scientists
One says he is surprised Boris Johnson shared the early data when it is "not particularly strong".

NYTimes GlobalJan 23, 2021
Herman Miller C.E.O. Grapples With Politics and Pandemic
As the C.E.O. of Herman Miller, Andi Owen has had to navigate a polarized work force while thinking about the future of the offices her company makes furniture for.

BBC Front PageJan 23, 2021
Covid: Gap between Pfizer vaccine doses should be halved, say doctors
Delaying second Pfizer doses to give more people their first is "difficult to justify", says BMA.

FT.com - EuropeJan 23, 2021
Russian police arrest hundreds in violent crackdown on pro-Navalny rallies
Videos posted on social media show officers beating unarmed protesters

Navalny Protests: Live Updates as Russians Demand Opposition Leader's Release (Int'l Herald Tribune)

BBC News Front Page | WorldJan 23, 2021
Alexei Navalny: Dozens detained in protests across Russia
Thousands of the jailed opposition leader's supporters defy a protest ban to attend nationwide rallies.

CBC Top StoriesJan 23, 2021
Canada is on the hunt for coronavirus variants — but may not be able to keep up with outbreaks
Canada is on the hunt for highly contagious strains of the coronavirus, but experts say they could already be spreading across the country and we may not be able to keep up with surveillance as more outbreaks occur.

Int'l Herald TribuneJan 23, 2021
Al Downing, the Pitcher for Home Run No. 715, Reflects on Hank Aaron
Forever linked to a legend, Al Downing says Aaron, the Hall of Famer who died on Friday, "couldn't have been a nicer man."

Hank Aaron Photos: A Quiet Life of Loud Home Runs (Int'l Herald Tribune)

NYTimes GlobalJan 23, 2021
In Crises, Vaccines Can Be Stretched, but Not Easily
Shortages of shots for yellow fever, polio and other diseases have led to innovative solutions even in very poor countries.

NYTimes GlobalJan 23, 2021
Two Years After Legalizing Cannabis, Has Canada Kept Its Promises?
Legal pot has made Canadian justice a little fairer, with "heavily racialized" arrests for possession mostly ending. But vows on amnesty, illicit sales and Indigenous inclusion are works in progress.

NYTimes GlobalJan 23, 2021
New Pandemic Plight: Hospitals Are Running Out of Vaccines
Health officials are frustrated that available doses are going unused while the virus is killing thousands of people each day. Many vaccine appointments have been canceled.

BBC Front PageJan 23, 2021
Covid-19: Doctors want less wait between jabs as EU struggles with supply
Five things you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic this Saturday morning.

Int'l Herald TribuneJan 23, 2021
Voices From China's Covid Crisis, One Year After Wuhan Lockdown
One year after China locked down Wuhan, six people describe how they found courage in adversity, calm amid grief, and meaning in chaos.

NewsweekJan 23, 2021
Jill Biden Delivers Cookies Baked by White House Staff to National Guard in D.C.
More than 25,000 members of the National Guard were deployed to the city following the deadly Capitol riot.

BBC News Front Page | WorldJan 23, 2021
Ainslie's Ineos Team UK moves closer to America's Cup
Sir Ben Ainslie's Ineos Team UK are into the final of the Challenger Series - which will determine who faces Team New Zealand for the America's Cup.

BBC Front PageJan 23, 2021
Covid: Police injured breaking up Chelsea party with '200 people'
Police uncover a string of late-night "incredibly selfish" parties in Kensington and Chelsea.

NewsweekJan 23, 2021
Teen Who Turned in His Dad Over Capitol Riot Says He'd Do It Again
Violence at the Capitol on January 6 left five people dead and failed to prevent the certification of the 2020 election, its initial aim.

Int'l Herald TribuneJan 23, 2021
How Doug Ducey, Arizona's Republican Governor, Views His Party After Trump
Mr. Ducey, who is facing censure by his state party on Saturday, says the divisions within the Republican Party are nothing new.

CBC Top StoriesJan 23, 2021
How political symbolism brought down Keystone XL
Those calling on Ottawa to impose punitive sanctions on the United States for killing the Keystone XL pipeline project still have a question to answer: what are they hoping to achieve?

It's time to let Keystone XL go, ambassador says (CBC Top Stories)

ABC NewsJan 23, 2021
Person in Michigan wins Mega Millions' $1 billion jackpot, 2nd-largest total ever
One lucky person is taking home the Mega Millions jackpot cash.

1 Mega Millions Player Hits $1 Billion on Friday, 10 Others Narrowly Miss (Newsweek)

NewsweekJan 22, 2021
Research on COVID-19 Vaccination Technology Could Lead to HIV, Cancer Vaccines
New vaccines for HIV and seasonal flu are currently under development using the mRNA technique, along with vaccine therapies that could provide new treatments for cancer and other ailments.

BBC News Front Page | WorldJan 22, 2021
Afghan war: Biden administration to review Trump's Taliban deal
Officials say they want to check the group are "living up to its commitments" as violence continues.

Why Biden Can Undo Much of Trump's Legacy Via Executive Orders (Int'l Herald Tribune)

Int'l Herald TribuneJan 22, 2021
Pfizer Will Ship Fewer Covid-19 Vaccine Vials to Account for ‘Extra' Doses
After the surprise discovery of an extra dose in every vial, Pfizer executives successfully lobbied the F.D.A. to change the vaccine's formal authorization language. The company charges by the dose.

ABC NewsJan 22, 2021
Sen. Schumer announces Trump impeachment trial to start week of Feb. 8
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Friday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would send the Trump impeachment article to the Senate Monday, triggering a trial.

Senate schedules Trump impeachment trial for week of February 8 (FT.com - Europe)
Trump's Senate impeachment trial will start the week of Feb. 8, Schumer says (CNBC World News)

FT.com - EuropeJan 22, 2021
Coronavirus latest: US hospitalisations hit one-month low, but new deaths hover near 4,000
Surging optimism about a boom in 2021 depends on heavy public spending and a rapid rollout of new Covid vaccines

UK Warns New Coronavirus Variant May Be Deadlier (Int'l Herald Tribune)

CBC Top StoriesJan 22, 2021
2 Vancouver residents break COVID-19 rules, get vaccines in Yukon
Two Vancouver residents travelled to Beaver Creek, Yukon, on Thursday, filled out self-isolation declaration forms upon entry, and were able to get doses of the Moderna vaccine from the mobile vaccination clinic in the community, territory officials said.

Yuma County, Arizona, Becomes Fertile Ground for Covid-19 (Int'l Herald Tribune)

Int'l Herald TribuneJan 22, 2021
Senate Leaders Agree on Impeachment Trial Delay, Giving Biden Breathing Room
The plan would put off the historic proceeding until Feb. 9, giving former President Donald J. Trump time to prepare his defense and allowing President Biden to fill his cabinet and begin work on his agenda.

MSNBC Int'l NewsJan 22, 2021
British PM Johnson warns U.K. Covid variant may be more deadly
Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Friday that the Covid-19 variant discovered in the U.K. "may be associated with a higher degree of mortality." U.K. public health officials cautioned that there is much uncertainty around this conclusion.

NewsweekJan 22, 2021
Texas AG Ken Paxton Sues Joe Biden Administration Over 'Unlawful' Deportation Pause
"The Biden administration directed DHS to violate federal immigration law and breach an agreement to consult and cooperate with Texas on that law," Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a Friday statement.

CBC Top StoriesJan 22, 2021
Biden pledged to work with Canada on 'Buy American' during call with Trudeau, official says
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with newly inaugurated U.S. President Joe Biden Friday in what was the first opportunity for the two leaders to chart a fresh course for the Canada-U.S. relationship after four tumultuous years with Donald Trump.

BBC Front PageJan 22, 2021
Covid-19: Five ways to avoid lockdown back pain
Tips on how to reduce back pain through the Covid-19 lockdown and beyond.

BBC Front PageJan 22, 2021
National Guard: President Biden apologises over troops sleeping in car park
Photographs of hundreds of National Guard members sheltering underground sparked anger among lawmakers.

NewsweekJan 22, 2021
White House Dodges Taking a Position on Trump Impeachment Trial, Says Biden Leaving it to Congress
The Biden administration is avoiding taking a position on whether the U.S. Senate should vote to convict former President Donald Trump on an impeachment charge that he incited the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

House To Transmit Article Of Impeachment To Senate On Monday, Schumer Says (NPR Topics: News)

NPR Topics: NewsJan 22, 2021
Lloyd Austin Confirmed As Secretary of Defense, Becomes First Black Pentagon Chief
Austin's near-unanimous confirmation came despite concerns raised on both sides of the aisle that he hadn't been out of uniform for the legally-mandated minimum seven-year period.

BBC News Front Page | WorldJan 22, 2021
Trudeau conveys Keystone pipeline 'disappointment' to Biden
Despite the revoking of the Keystone XL permit, the Canadian PM hails "a new era" in bilateral ties.

NewsweekJan 22, 2021
Man Who Posted Selfie at Capitol Riot 'to Incriminate Myself a Little' Arrested
Garret Miller told a social media commenter during the Capitol riot that he and others had "stormed" the Capitol building.

NewsweekJan 22, 2021
Oregon Hospitals Warn State's COVID-19 Vaccination Plan Could Trigger 'Potential Chaos'
Teachers and other school employees will be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in Oregon starting January 25.

NewsweekJan 22, 2021
Donald Trump's Second Impeachment Trial Set to Start in February in Senate
"Healing and unity will only come if there is truth and accountability," Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Friday, "and that is what this trial will provide."

NYTimes GlobalJan 22, 2021
Lawmakers Respond After Guard Soldiers Seen in Parking Garage
Photographs of Guard soldiers resting on the concrete floor of a parking garage prompted swift condemnation and apologies from members of Congress.

CBC Top StoriesJan 22, 2021
New coronavirus variant may be more deadly — but more evidence is needed, U.K.'s chief scientist says
There is some evidence that a new coronavirus variant first identified in southeast England carries a higher risk of death .than the original strain, the British government's chief scientific adviser said Friday — though he stressed that the data is uncertain

NPR Headline NewsJan 22, 2021
Mass Vaccination Efforts Thrust Pharmacies To Center Of COVID-19 Fight
With mass COVID-19 vaccination efforts underway, pharmacies have a critical public health role. But limited supply and uneven state and federal rules make it hard to tell the public what to expect.

NPR Headline NewsJan 22, 2021
How Biden Administration Plans To Navigate Challenging Topic Of Climate Change
Addressing climate change is one of the Biden administration's top priorities. NPR looks at President Biden's pledge to stop new oil and gas leasing on public lands and the challenges he might face.

Thunberg: 'Time will tell' if Biden administration fulfills climate promises (MSNBC Int'l News)

NewsweekJan 22, 2021
AOC, Madison Cawthorn, Other Lawmakers Offer National Guard Resting Space In Their Offices
Photos and videos circulated across social media on Thursday, showing members of the National Guard laying on the floors of the parking garage.

FT.com - EuropeJan 22, 2021
Biden's climate policy under the spotlight
Executive orders aim to roll back Trump-era loosening of environmental rules

NPR Headline NewsJan 21, 2021
Biden Takes 1st Executive Actions To Fight The Coronavirus Pandemic
President Biden began putting his pandemic strategy into action. He is saying he will use Defense Production Act powers to boost production of vaccines, testing equipment and supplies in the U.S.
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