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Do you think President Trump is going in the right direction with the Middle East?


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1. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (1/3/2020 8:03:28 AM)
     Message ID #353573

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President Trump ran on a platform that promised to withdraw from the Middle East. However, the tactics being employed have appeared to be more emotional than strategic and not focused on withdrawal. Rarely is counsel taken from experts; rather "my gut" is what Trump says drives his decisions on the Middle East.

Iran’s top security and intelligence commander, Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, was killed early Friday, January 3, in a drone strike at Baghdad International Airport that was ordered by President Trump, American according to officials at the Pentagon. The strike is a serious escalation of Mr. Trump’s growing confrontation with Tehran, one that began with the death of an American contractor in Iraq in late December.

In Iran, the leadership convened an emergency security meeting. And the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, issued a statement calling for three days of public mourning and then retaliation.

The Pentagon is stating that Maj. Gen. Suleimani was actively planning attacks on Americans throughout the region, There has been no intelligence offered so far to support this claim. Reaction to U.S. Strike Killing Iranian Military Leader Falls Along Party Lines
Republicans praise order that killed Qassem Soleimani while some Democrats raise concerns about escalation. Some are supporting the president's actions as Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani had caused many American deaths in the past decade and was a mastermind for Iran. Others are stating it is an attack ordered by president Trump to take attention away from his impeachment trial at any cost to the country.

All Americans have been told by the Pentagon to leave Iraq.

The financial markets are down sharply pre opening bell. Oil jumped 4%

What do you think is going to happen now in the Middle East?

  • Are you in favor of another Middle East war and sending more troops to the Middle East?
  • Do you think the strike was justified and strategic, or a distraction from domestic problems, or both?
  • Do you believe Trump can stop "the endless wars" in Iraq? If so how? If not, why not?

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2. D Robb
     (1/3/2020 8:51:42 AM)
     Message ID #353577

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One thing has become clear in the last three years. trump has no plan and no vision. Everything he does is a gut reaction which is usually wrong.
Kim played trump by flattering him so trump is still defending Kim and Trump's failed N Korean denuclearization policy. The Iranians never bothered to hide their distain, nor have they been willing to waste time talking to the bone spur cadet.
Like his stupid tariffs, trump's actions in the ME have been stupid and counterproductive. Iraq is already talking of expelling US forced. Then what?
His base loves his latest action because they are as incapable as he is in connecting the dots.

3. D Robb
     (1/3/2020 9:25:05 AM)
     Message ID #353578

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Ben Friedman, policy director of think tank Defense Priorities in Washington, said that the strike was a "remarkably reckless act, because the forces the US has in the region are not sufficient to deal with the potential fallout."

To end the recent siege of US Embassy, the Iraqi PM agreed to support pending legislation to order the withdrawal of all US forces from Iraq. It is hard to understand how this most recent reckless act will improve the situation. Once US forces are removed from Iraq, what countries will allow us to stage attacks against ISIS forces?

4. D Robb
     (1/3/2020 9:29:10 AM)
     Message ID #353579

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Democratic Senator Chris Murphy asked: "Did America just assassinate, without any congressional authorization, the second most powerful person in Iran, knowingly setting off a potential massive regional war?"

The assassination of such a powerful official will certainly not go unanswered by Tehran, which has responded to the imposition of crippling US sanctions over the last 18 months with what it calls a policy of maximum resistance. Khamenei himself said Friday that "harsh revenge awaits the criminals" involved in the killing of Soleimani and others, in a message to the nation published on his official website.

Iran's campaign has included the harassment and sabotage of shipping in the Gulf and Arabian Sea -- and attacks on Saudi Arabia, including devastating cruise missile strikes against the kingdom's largest oil processing plant at Abqaiq in September that took out 5.7 million barrels of oil production at a stroke. It will only become worse.

trump is attempting to "wag the dog" to distract from his many domestic failures by creating a crisis in the ME. he is very good at creating crises, but terrible at ending them.

5. D Robb
     (1/3/2020 9:33:06 AM)
     Message ID #353580

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Besides its own forces in the IRGC, Iran has powerful proxies across the region -- in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. All will likely be tasked with finding ways of attacking US interests and allies.

One possible target for retaliation will be the small US military presence in Syria, which in some places is within miles of units of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units. Charles Lister believes "the US presence in Syria now looks very vulnerable, having already shrunk in size and weakened in terms of credibility and partner trust."

"US allies in the Gulf, particularly Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi, could all fall victim to Iranian retaliatory measures, as could [the US] al-Udeid base in Qatar," adds Lister.

Of course, after repeatedly poking Iran in the eye, trump will use Iran's predictable future attacks as justification for the action that spawned them.

6. D Robb
     (1/3/2020 9:45:58 AM)
     Message ID #353581

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Irony is lost on trumpites: trump repeatedly said Obama would start war with Iran to get elected

7. Scott Walker
     (1/3/2020 9:57:35 AM)
     Message ID #353582

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In breaking news, Iran's top General Qassem Soleimani, who led the militias in Iraq, is responsible for killing 609 American soldiers, was killed by a targeted U.S Airstrike at a Baghdad airport; democrats are upset with the killing.

8. Scott Walker
     (1/3/2020 10:02:20 AM)
     Message ID #353583

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Yes, Trump’s Middle East effort is spot on!

The Texas shooting, where a good guy with a gun stopped a really bad guy with a gun, a would-be mass shooter, Pocahontas..Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she will never support a citizen's right to carry universally.

9. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (1/3/2020 10:20:58 AM)
     Message ID #353584

This message is in response to Patricia Pomerleau ( message id #353573 )  View All Related Messages

First off, I voted "No". Now for the rationale ...

For starters, the death of General Suleimani is a mixed blessing. On the one hand he's been at or near the top of the target list for quite a while and I'm a little surprised he's lasted this long. The question arises though as to whether or not THIS was "the right time" or a "good time" to change what has been the status quo ante.

Yes, the General (Suleimani) certainly deserves what he got but did the other "littler general" (Trump) get what he wanted or has he suddenly jumped from the frying pan into the fire?

Little Donnie has famously commented "I know better than the Generals!". OK, so let's see whether he's got the moxie, the intellect, the experience, and the heuvos to actually run the war he's certainly asked for by killing the General at this point in time.

Little Donnie has also famously stated he "wants to get out of these "Forever Wars" in the Middle East and elsewhere." Well, if that's true, then he sure has a strange way of going about it because his "gut" response has done anything but make Iran less prone to attack either us or our allies anywhere in the world they (Iran) can find a weak link or soft spot.

Now we also know that Little Donnie Dumme Scheiße doesn't give a rat's a$$ about anything or anyone except himself and his pocketbook so how will he respond if Iran attacks one of our allies first (before attacking us) given that he's so strongly for an isolationist position in the world. And don't worry ... the "little general" has gotten his wish (or at least one of them) as Iran will most certainly attack us somewhere in the world, and sooner rather than later. Yes, the "little general" has most definitely kicked the hornet's nest (or one of them anyway). Now let's see if he can withstand the storm that is headed his way. His vast and extensive military experience should come into real play here since we all know how he managed to dodge the draft and showed his courage (cowardice?) during the Vietnam War era.

As has been his forte, Little Donnie's "gut" reaction is all over the map. He want's "this" position or "that" outcome and yet he actually does something completely counter-intuitive to his stated desire(s).

Bottom Line ... Little Donnie Dumme Scheiße, the wannabe general's gonna get his wish. He's gonna get to be a wartime President (another of his misguided desires) but he's gonna find out it's not all it's cracked up to be and that yet again, he's gone and jumped into the deep end of International Politics which he doesn't have one iota of credibility for.

10. R Fahrbach
     (1/3/2020 10:43:30 AM)
     Message ID #353585

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I pay President Trump to take care of that matter. If he wants to zap 'em, nuke 'em or sit across the table is no concern of mine. I'm confident he is doing what he thinks in in our best national interests, and - as there is, ultimately, no right or wrong to the matter... that is the best anyone can hope for. Certainly none of the Bozo's who preceded him have done anything right, or the three trillion we wasted there recently would have prevented what we face today. Good luck Donald.

There are more important things going on in my life and the fate of these hostile strangers does not even appear in my list of concerns. Should their ugly heads pop up in America, I'm confident we will summarily shoot them down. The idea that our government will keep them from ever wreaking their little horrors here is silly. They will. Such is life.
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