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New York Times PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Judge in Trump Documents Case Hears Arguments Over Special Counsel
Judge Aileen Cannon held a hearing to consider a question that has been quickly dismissed in other cases: whether there is a constitutional basis for the appointment of a special counsel.

Aileen Cannon Grills Trump Lawyer Over His ‘Ominous' Claims (The Daily Beast)
Nevada judge dismisses case against Trump electors, citing jurisdiction (Washington Post Politics)

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Biden campaign attempts to flip the age script with a flurry of unflattering Trump videos

Trump Erases Biden's Lead in 2024 Election Cash After Conviction (New York Times Politics)

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
A surprising winner in the Supreme Court gun ruling: Hunter Biden

US Supreme Court upholds federal domestic-violence gun ban (Yahoo Politics)
Supreme Court upholds gun ban for domestic violence restraining orders (Washington Post Politics)

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Trump lawyers in classified files case challenge prosecutor's appointment at start of 3-day hearing

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Judge in Trump classified documents case hears challenge to special counsel's appointment

Washington Post PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Trump has a plan to give green cards to military-age males from China
The former president's idea of tying green cards to college education is at distinct odds with his other rhetoric.

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Teamsters president will speak at the Republican National Convention

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Manhattan DA details wave of threats after Donald Trump's felony convictions

Drudge ReportJun 21, 2024
Louisiana 10 Commandments Law Signals Broader Christian Agenda...

(Second column, 5th story, link) Related stories:
Chaos at signing ceremony as schoolgirl passes out...
First state to allow surgical castration as punishment for child molesters...

As Trump claims political bias, lawyer calls prosecutor too independent (Yahoo Politics)

BBC PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Tories and Labour pressed on two-child benefit cap
Plaid Cymru and Welsh Lib Dems urge next UK government to scrap the limit, during live TV debate.

Washington Post PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Why isn't everyone giving presidential candidates $75 million?
A look at the remarkable scale involved in Donald Trump's biggest campaign contribution.

BBC PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Labour far ahead of Tories in election donations
Labour raised nearly £4.4m in the second week of the campaign, way ahead of the Tories' £292,500.

Politics - U.S. HouseJun 21, 2024
Republicans Gag Mentions of Trump's Conviction on the House Floor
During official proceedings of the G.O.P.-controlled chamber, speaking about former President Donald J. Trump's felony conviction has been forbidden, while disparaging President Biden and Democrats is routine.

Washington Post PoliticsJun 21, 2024
State Dept. expert on Israeli-Palestinian affairs resigns amid Gaza crisis
Andrew Miller, a top State Department official, becomes the most senior U.S. official to resign whose portfolio focused on Israeli-Palestinian issues.

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Ten Commandments law is Louisiana governor's latest effort to move the state farther to the right

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Trump campaign reports having more cash than Biden's campaign

Washington Post PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Trump to stage Philadelphia rally this weekend with Senate candidate
Live updates from the 2024 campaign trail, with the latest news on presidential candidates, polls, primaries and more.

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Fake elector case in Nevada dismissed over venue question, state attorney general vows appeal

Drudge ReportJun 21, 2024
How Cannon Rejected Suggestions to Step Aside...

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DRAMA: Is Jack Smith's appointment constitutional? Trump's Florida judge set to decide...
Don's convictions fuel donation surge that could reshape contest...
Bragg Asks Judge to Extend Gag Order, Citing Deluge of Threats...
Bannon Begs Supremes to Keep Him Out of Jail...

New York Times PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Will NY Rep. Jamaal Bowman Lose His Seat In Next Week's House Primary?
A New York Democratic primary sheds light on the split over Gaza and the party's leftward shift.

Washington Post PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Judge Cannon asks about Attorney General Garland's oversight of Trump trials
U.S. District Judge Aileen M. Cannon acknowledged that precedent seems to support Attorney General Merrick Garland's appointment of Special Counsel Jack Smith.

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
The Supreme Court rules against California woman whose husband was denied entry to US

Drudge ReportJun 21, 2024
Dems' Political Views Shifting Faster Than Republicans'...

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Texas Secessionists Working With Five Other States, Leader Says...
One-third Americans think political violence justifiable...
Will Debt Sink the American Empire?

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Steve Bannon asks the Supreme Court to keep him out of prison

Bannon Begs Supremes to Keep Him Out of Jail... (Drudge Report)

Drudge ReportJun 21, 2024
Bezos under fire as patience wears thin among staffers...

(First column, 3rd story, link) Related stories:
Who Will Be WASH POST's Next Owner?
Could be sold to Jobs, Zucker, or Gates...

New York Times PoliticsJun 21, 2024
How Misleading Videos Are Trailing Biden as He Battles Age Doubts
A flurry of recent clips, many of them edited or lacking context, laid bare a major challenge for the president as he tries to persuade voters he has the energy for a second term.

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Trump ally Bannon asks the Supreme Court to delay his 4-month prison sentence on contempt charges

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Trump hush money prosecutors open to partial lifting of gag order

Hush-money prosecutors say Trump's gag order should no longer protect Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels — but want to keep other parts of it (Yahoo Politics)
NY prosecutors urge judge to keep gag order blocking Trump from criticizing jurors who convicted him (Yahoo Politics)

New York Times PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Bannon Asks Supreme Court to Remain Free During Appeal of Contempt Sentence
Stephen K. Bannon, the Trump ally convicted of contempt of Congress, is scheduled to start a four-month prison term on July 1 unless the justices intervene.

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
AP Decision Notes: What to expect in New York's state primaries

Drudge ReportJun 21, 2024
Bezos under fire at WASH POST as patience wears thin among staffers...

(First column, 1st story, link) Related stories:
Publisher alleged to have advised Boris Johnson to 'clean up' phone during Covid scandal...

Drudge ReportJun 21, 2024
Appeals court denies Bannon's bid to stay out of prison...

(First column, 5th story, link)

Yahoo PoliticsJun 21, 2024
Trump raised so much last month he erased Biden's cash advantage

Yahoo PoliticsJun 20, 2024
Rep. Cori Bush's Democratic Challenger Once Managed A GOP Congressional Campaign

BBC PoliticsJun 20, 2024
Key takeaways from BBC Question Time election special
Just two weeks from election day, party leaders face tough questions from a BBC Question Time audience.

BBC Question Time election debate fact-checked (BBC Politics)
Mike Pence's foundation launches a $10 million election-year campaign to preserve Trump-era tax cuts (Yahoo Politics)

Democracy NowJun 20, 2024
"Congress Is Not for Sale": Rep. Ramirez Slams AIPAC-Led Campaign Against Jamaal Bowman in NY Primary
Democratic Congressmember Delia Ramirez of Illinois says "big money in politics" is a threat to U.S. democracy, pointing to Jamaal Bowman's primary race as an example of how deep-pocketed interest groups can impact election contests. Bowman is a progressive "Squad" member facing a tight nomination race in New York's 16th Congressional District against his Democratic challenger George Latimer, who has the backing of groups affiliated with the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, which have pumped millions of dollars into the primary. Bowman was one of the first lawmakers to call for a Gaza ceasefire after October 7. "They are literally trying to purchase that election because he dared to stand for peace and justice," says Ramirez.

Politics - U.S. HouseJun 20, 2024
Jamaal Bowman Faces a Record $14.5 Million Bid by AIPAC to Take Him Down
The deluge in outside spending, which also includes another $1 million from another pro-Israel group, threatens to sink Representative Jamaal Bowman.

New York Times PoliticsJun 18, 2024
Suhas Subramanyam Wins Democratic House Primary in Virginia
Suhas Subramanyam had the endorsement of Representative Jennifer Wexton, who is retiring.

BBC PoliticsJun 17, 2024
Labour claim that Tories would cost homeowners £4,800 fact-checked
BBC Verify examines Labour claims about the cost of planned Tory borrowing

Democracy NowMay 23, 2024
Dr. Adam Hamawy Describes Desperate Conditions at Gaza Hospitals Amid Attacks & Lack of Supplies
When a group of volunteer doctors with the Palestinian American Medical Association traveled to Gaza last month, they were prepared to treat some of the most horrific injuries caused by Israel's relentless assault on civilians in Gaza. But they were not prepared to be stranded under the bombardment for over a week after the Israeli military seized and closed the border crossing into the southern end of the besieged region, preventing people and supplies from getting in or out. Dr. Adam Hamawy, a plastic surgeon and Army veteran from New Jersey, has now evacuated Gaza after he was trapped at European Hospital in Khan Younis with dwindling supplies. Hamawy, who previously treated Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth for a life-threatening injury while both were in the Army, was offered evacuation along with another group of American doctors days earlier, but refused to leave without first securing the release of his entire volunteer medical team. He now emphasizes that he and his colleagues must be immediately replaced with additional humanitarian relief workers. "It was never a condition for our exit to have other people come in — it was an expectation," he says. "A hospital cannot run on just a few doctors alone. It also needs nurses, it needs staff."
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