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Reuters EntertainmentJul 20, 2019
Trump says Swedish prime minister assures him U.S. rapper A$AP Rocky will be treated fairly
U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday that Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has assured him that American citizen and rapper A$AP Rocky will be treated fairly.

Donald Trump Claims to 'Personally Vouch' For ASAP Rocky's Bail in Conversation With Swedish Prime Minister (Billboard Music News)
Justin Bieber Addresses Trump's Response to ASAP Rocky's Imprisonment With Border Crisis Concern (Billboard Music News)

AV Club FilmsJul 20, 2019
Pitchfork and The Lion King headline our favorite stories of the week
Here's a compilation of our favorite features published this week. Be sure to follow along with our TV recaps and check out all our recent reviews.


AV Club FilmsJul 20, 2019
Conan attempts a Comic-Con coup by taking Mark Hamill's geek god quiz
Just a heads up that you can probably skip the first two minutes of the following Conan clip from Conan O'Brien's week-long Comic-Con residency. That's the length of time it takes for Conan to set up a bit about him getting cocky about being the king of the nerds at the annual gathering of enthusiasts of comics,…


Yahoo! TVJul 20, 2019
The never-ending story of viral hit ‘The NeverEnding Story': A ‘#Challenging' Q&A with singer Limahl
Since 'Stranger Things' Season 3 premiered, streams for "The NeverEnding Story" have surged by 2,000 percent... and its singer is the most surprised of all.

Yahoo! BooksJul 20, 2019
Iraqi refugee Nadia Murad to Trump: ISIS killed family. Trump responds: 'Where are they now?'
Nadia Murad, a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, was one of 27 survivors of religious persecution that visited with President Trump on Wednesday.

Yahoo! ArtsJul 20, 2019
Hong Kong police seize explosives ahead of weekend protests
Police in Hong Kong discovered a stash of a powerful homemade explosive as the semi-autonomous Chinese city readied for another major pro-democracy protest on Sunday. Materials voicing opposition to an extradition bill that has sparked more than a month of demonstrations in Hong Kong were found at the site, local media said, but a police spokesman said no concrete link has been established and that the investigation is continuing. In a rally that aimed to counter the pro-democracy movement, thousands of people filled a park in central Hong Kong on Saturday to support the police, who have been accused of using rough tactics on protesters.

Yahoo! BooksJul 20, 2019
Foreign Office summons Iranian diplomat over seized British tanker  as Hunt warns of 'dangerous path'
Alan Mendoza: The only surprise about Iran's seizure is that it didn't happen sooner Analysis: Boris Johnson could face early test as Iran 'exploits' political uncertainty US developing 'coalition' of navies to protect ships amid Iran tensions Former head of Navy questions why British ships weren't protected amid threats Foreign office summon Iranian diplomats ahead of emergency Cobra meeting  The Foreign Office has summoned Iran's charge d'affaires following the seizure of a British-flagged oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz. It comes as Iran directly linked the seizure of the tanker with Britain's role in detaining a tanker carrying Iranian oil earlier this month. A spokesman for Iran's Guardian Council was quoted as saying "the rule of reciprocal action is well-known in international law" and that Tehran made the right decision in the face of an "illegitimate economic war and seizure of oil tankers". The explanation, contrasts with Iran's earlier claims that the British-flagged tanker collided with a fishing vessel in the Persian Gulf, as tensions mount in the strategic waterway, a chokepoint for around a third of the world's sea-borne oil. Allahmorad Afifipour, the head of Ports and Maritime Organisation in southern Hormozgan province claimed the Swedish-owned Stena Impero was in an accident with an Iranian fishing boat whose distress call it ignored. The Government's emergency committee Cobra met on Friday night and ministers a

NYTimes ArtsJul 20, 2019
‘Tired of Running': A Sci-Fi Veteran Tells His Own (Earthling) Story
In ‘Becoming Superman,' J. Michael Straczynski chronicles a life that was dominated early on by dysfunction and later by success that came with its own tensions.

Yahoo! BooksJul 20, 2019
Iran crisis: British oil tanker seized in Strait of Hormuz as UK shipping warned to avoid area in Gulf
Stena Impero seized in Strait of Hormu?z on Friday night A second tanker, Mesdar, was stopped before being released Jeremy Hunt says seizures "unacceptable", holding a COBR meeting Government warns UK shipping to avoid area Analysis: Boris Johnson could face early test as Iran 'exploits' political uncertainty US developing 'coalition' of navies to protect ships amid Iran tensions Two British oil tankers were seized by Iran's Revolutionary Guards in the Strait of Hormuz on Friday night, in a major escalation of tensions in the Gulf. The British-flagged Stena Impero had been en route to Saudi Arabia, but abruptly changed course and began sailing towards the Iranian island of Qeshm, data relayed by maritime tracking services showed. The 30,000-tonne ship "went dark", meaning its transponder was turned off, at 4.29pm UK time and nothing has been heard from her or her 23 crew since. A second oil tanker, the British-operated, Liberian-flagged Mesdar, was intercepted by the Guards about 40 minutes after the course shift by Stena Impero, and was held for some time before being allowed to resume navigation.  HMS Montrose, the Type-23 frigate, was understood to have been dispatched to help the Stena, but was minutes too late.  Jeremy Hunt, the Foreign Secretary, said he was "extremely concerned by the seizure of two vessels by Iranian authorities in the Strait of Hormuz".  British oil tanker seized in the Gulf Mr Hunt said he was attending

Yahoo! BooksJul 20, 2019
Turkey and the Russia's Deadly S-400: The Air Defense System That Changed Everything
On July 12, 2019, Turkey began receiving the first batch of the S-400 deliveries from Russia. Ankara's aspirant procurement can fundamentally transform the Turkish military strategic posture.Above all, acquiring a game-changing Russian surface-to-air missile (SAM) system will lead to drastic changes in the Turkish Air Force's concept of operations (CONOPS). Inevitably, a novel operational art revolving around anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) will gradually dominate Turkey's defense planning. Nowadays, the frenzy of colored maps illustrating projected S-400 kill zones has already caught on with the Turkish press, which has little, if any, knowledge about engagement envelopes and radar coverage in different topographies. Secondly, the S-400 introduces not only new capabilities but an alien strategic culture to the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), noting that contemporary Russian air defense understanding is rooted in the Soviet legacy of the late 1970s. Thirdly, at some point, the TAF will have to alter its doctrinal order of battle to digest a strategic SAM capacity efficiently. Finally, amidst possible sanctions, which would unavoidably hit the Turkish defense sector's ties—not only with American entities but also with Europe—Russia may well become an indispensable arms supplier for Turkey.Would Turkey Establish a SAM-Dominant Air Force?

AV Club FilmsJul 20, 2019
Saturday's Best Deals: Ring Gear, Electric Insect Repellent, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, And More
An electronic insect repeller, Dyson's latest vacuum, and an

Yahoo! ArtsJul 20, 2019
Private Investigator Says He Shared Two Epstein Female Fixer Names with Feds
Private investigator Michael Fisten first started digging into financier Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sex trafficking crimes more than a decade ago when attorney Brad Edwards hired him. After Epstein signed a non-prosecution deal with federal prosecutors in 2008, Edwards had sued Epstein in civil court on behalf of a number of alleged victims who had been blindsided by the plea deal (which a judge later ruled to have violated the Crime Victims' Rights Act). Fisten was tasked with finding as much incriminating information on the financier as he could.Fisten, a 30-year law enforcement veteran, said he was shocked and disgusted by what he uncovered. In a wide-ranging interview with CNN, the P.I. said that he was able to identify two young women who have arranged access to girls for Epstein in recent years. He and Edwards have handed over the names and "associated information" over to federal authorities, he said, though he did not name the alleged fixers to CNN.Judge Who Denied Bail to Jeffrey Epstein Calls Him ‘Uncontrollable' and a ‘Danger'Fisten also said that his investigations led to the discovery of countless lapses in security during the time Epstein was on work release from the Palm Beach county jail—in a cushy deal that allowed the convicted sex offender out of confinement 12 hours a day, six days a week. On Friday, the Palm Beach sheriff's office announced that it had opened its own internal investigation into whether deputies, who often referred to Epstein as a "client" ins

Yahoo! ArtsJul 20, 2019
9-year-old girl dies after bounce house blown into power lines
A 9-year-old Reno girl has died from injuries she suffered when strong winds blew an inflatable bounce house with three children inside into power lines last weekend.

Yahoo! ArtsJul 20, 2019
How China Could Sink an American Aircraft Carrier In a Bloody Battle
That carrier-killer imagery resonates with Western audiences comes as little surprise. Ah, yes, the "carrier-killer." China is forever touting the array of guided missiles its weaponeers have devised to pummel U.S. Navy nuclear-powered aircraft carriers (CVNs). Most prominent among them are its DF-21D and DF-26 antiship ballistic missiles (ASBMs), which the People's Liberation Army (PLA) has made a mainstay of China's anti-access/area-denial (A2/AD) defenses.(This first appeared several years ago. It is being republished due to reader interest.)Beijing has made believers of important audiences, including the scribes who toil away at the Pentagon producing estimates of Chinese martial might. Indeed, the most recent annual report on Chinese military power states matter-of-factly that the PLA can now use DF-21Ds to "attack ships, including aircraft carriers," more than nine hundred statute miles from China's shorelines.Scary. But the U.S. Navy has carrier-killers of its own. Or, more accurately, it has shipkillers of its own: what can disable or sink a flattop can make short work of lesser warships. And antiship weaponry is multiplying in numbers, range, and lethality as the navy reawakens from its post-Cold War holiday from history. Whose carrier-killer trumps whose will hinge in large part on where a sea fight takes place.

Playbill NewsJul 20, 2019
Playbill Vault's Today in Theatre History: July 20

Yahoo! TVJul 19, 2019
'Walking Dead' Movie Releases First Teaser Trailer: 'Rick Grimes Returns Only in Theaters' — Watch Video
Rick Grimes is planning a big (screen) return to the Walking Dead franchise. Following the zombie drama's panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, AMC released a teaser for the first of three upcoming Rick-centric movies, which will be produced by TWD creator Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures. "It's not the […]

The Week in Movie News: Taika Waititi to Direct ‘Thor 4,' First ‘Top Gun: Maverick' Trailer and More ( Entertainment News)
‘Top Gun: Maverick' Trailer: Tom Cruise Is Still Feeling the Need for Speed (NYTimes Arts)

AV Club FilmsJul 19, 2019
The Boys has already been renewed for a second season of superhero-murdering fun
We're still a week out from the arrival of Amazon's The Boys, the show that dared to ask "What if superheroes were assholes, and what if Karl Urban really liked to murder them?" But the streaming service/retail giant/exactly the sort of megaconglomerate that would crap out these kinds of amoral superhumans, now that…


‘The Boys' Renewed For Season 2 By Amazon; Aya Cash Closes Deal As Stormfront (Yahoo! TV)
Comic-Con: Danai Gurira confirms 'The Walking Dead' Season 10 will be her last (Yahoo! TV)

Playbill NewsJul 19, 2019
Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Extends Off-Broadway
Halley Feiffer's re-imagining of Chekhov's Three Sisters opened at MCC Theater July 18.

Read Reviews for Off-Broadway's Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow (Playbill News)

Yahoo! TVJul 19, 2019
No ‘Star Wars' At Comic-Con? No Problem: Mark Hamill Takes Hall H Down Memory Lane During Netflix's ‘Dark Crystal' Panel
In a Comic-Con without a massive Star Wars panel or even a Joss Whedon lecture, those looking for any lightning in Hall H, could rely on Mark Hamill this afternoon. A lot of these panels have the same wash-rinse-repeat formula: Actors talking passionately about their roles in projects we haven't seen yet. Or worse, a great […]

Yahoo! TVJul 19, 2019
AMC's Third ‘Walking Dead' Series Adds Annet Mahendru, Aliyah Royale
AMC announced two more cast members to its third "Walking Dead" series at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday."The Romanoffs" alum Annet Mahendru and "The Red Line's" Aliyah Royal have joined the cast as Huck and Iris. The duo joins the previously announced Alexa Mansour, Nicolas Cantu and Hal Cumpston.The untitled series will focus on the first generation to come-of-age in the universe's zombie apocalypse. Per AMC's official description of the series, "Some will become heroes. Some will become villains. In the end, all of them will be changed forever. Grown-up and cemented in their identities, both good and bad."Also Read: 'Walking Dead' Movie to Be Released 'Only in Theaters' (Video)Jordan Vogt-Roberts will direct the series, which is co-created by Scott Gimple, chief content officer of AMC's "Walking Dead" universe, and franchise veteran Matt Negrete, who will serve as showrunner.The series is slated to premiere on AMC in spring 2020, joining the 10th season of the flagship "Walking Dead," as well as the newly announced sixth season of "Fear the Walking Dead." Season 10 of "The Walking Dead" is slated to debut on Oct. 6.The franchise is also set to include a trilogy of movies led by former "TWD" star Andrew Lincoln, which AMC announced for the first time at Comic-Con would be released in theaters instead of on the network.TheWrap is in San Diego all week long for Comic-Con 2019 — check out all of our ongoing coverage here.Read original story AMC's Third ‘Walking Dead' Series Adds Annet Mahendru, A

Billboard Music NewsJul 19, 2019
Listen to Get Better Records' Ally Einbinder & Alex Licktenhour's Summer of Pride Playlist
Get Better Records is on a mission. Established in 2009, the Philadelphia-via-Los Angeles indie label is run by musician Alex Licktenhour, of Philly... Entertainment NewsJul 19, 2019
Today in Movie Culture: How ‘The Lion King' Should Have Ended, How It Would End in Real Life and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:   Alternate Endings of the Day Disney's live-action-style reimagining of The Lion King is now in theaters, and it mostly hews close to the plot of the studio's 1994 animated classic. If that's the case, then this humorous cartoon showing how the original should have ended should apply to the new version as well:   Fan Theory of the Day Speaking of alternate...

Read More

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AV Club FilmsJul 19, 2019
The Russo brothers talk Marvel, Magic: The Gathering, and 21 Bridges at Comic-Con
The Russo brothers Anthony and Joe are now Comic-Con royalty, thanks to their work in the MCU, which recently concluded with Avengers: Endgame. So needless to say, they received a heroes' welcome when they took to the Hall H stage today for their panel, and proceeded to discuss whatever the hell they felt like, with…


Billboard Music NewsJul 19, 2019
Maxo Kream Releases 'Brandon Banks' Album Feat. Travis Scott, ScHoolboy Q & Megan Thee Stallion: Listen
Fresh off his lucrative RCA partnership and Roc Nation management deal earlier in the year, Maxo Kream released his major-label debut and Punken...

Billboard Music NewsJul 19, 2019
Beyoncé Roars Back With Epic 'Bigger' Video From 'The Lion King: The Gift': Watch
After releasing the highly anticipated The Lion King: The Gift album at midnight on Friday (July 19), Beyoncé is following it up with a video...

What's the Best Song From Beyonce's 'The Lion King: The Gift' Album? Vote! (Billboard Music News)

Yahoo! ArtsJul 19, 2019
Fox News Host to Geraldo Rivera: I Can Tell You to Go Back to Where You Came From
Defending Donald Trump's repeated racist taunts at Democratic congresswomen of color, Fox News host Pete Hegseth told correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera on Friday morning that it would be perfectly fine for him to utilize the president's "go back to where you came from" message on him.A day after Trump sorta disavowed the racist "send her back!" chant his rally crowd launched at Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rivera appeared on Fox & Friends and said he was "glad the president has said" he didn't like the chants. At the same time, Rivera noted that the president's original tweets targeting the "Squad" tapped into an "old racist trope," something the longtime Trump pal had criticized the president for days earlier."Geraldo, but you, like many, have accused him of racism," Hegseth replied. "But if you go back and look at that tweet, he's not talking about race, he's talking about whether or not you love this country and appreciate it. And if you don't appreciate it and don't love it, and don't want to work to make it better, then maybe you could consider going somewhere else. There's plenty of countries on Earth."How the Ilhan Omar Marriage Smear Went From Fever Swamp to TrumpRivera, who is of Puerto Rican heritage, shot back at his colleague, yelling "what the hell" before pointing out that all four congresswomen—Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) and Omar—are citizens of the United States. Hegseth, meanwhile, said he would have

Time EntertainmentJul 19, 2019
Rapper A$AP Rocky Has Been in a Swedish Jail for Two Weeks. Here's Why and Here's Who's Working to Get Him Out
After A$AP Rocky was detained in Sweden this month on a preliminary assault charge, celebrities and politicians, including President Donald Trump, rushed to his defense.

TV by the NumbersJul 19, 2019
‘Archer' renewed for season 11 at FXX
"Archer" will live to die another day. FXX has renewed…

Billboard Music NewsJul 19, 2019
Goo Goo Dolls Announce 'Miracle Pill' Album Release Date, Unveil New Single 'Money, Fame & Fortune': Listen
The Goo Goo Dolls are back, announcing on Friday (July 19) that their upcoming 12th studio album, Miracle Pill, is out Sept. 12 via Warner...

Reuters EntertainmentJul 19, 2019
Trump says he will call Swedish prime minister about rapper A$AP Rocky
President Donald Trump said on Friday he would call Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven about the case of U.S. rapper A$AP Rocky, who has been detained in Sweden pending an investigation into a street fight in Stockholm.

Time EntertainmentJul 19, 2019
Beyoncé's ‘Forever Mood' and a Country Supergroup. These Are the 5 Songs of the Week to Listen to
Beyoncé's 'Lion King' companion album is here

AV Club FilmsJul 19, 2019
This making-of for Netflix's Dark Crystal is cool, but we're mostly here to hear Mark Hamill cut loose
The first trailer for Netflix's The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance stunned us with its practical puppet work, giving us even more reason to be excited for The Dark Crystal prequel series beyond its astounding cast, which features everyone who wasn't slotted in Denis Villeneuve's Dune, apparently. Lena Headey,…


BBC Entertainment & ArtsJul 19, 2019
Tom Cruise drops Top Gun 2 trailer
The star surprises fans with a trailer, plus the latest from Comic-Con on Terminator and Star Wars.

AV Club FilmsJul 19, 2019
18 Inventory-Recommended Things to Buy From Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale
Suffice to say, there's a lot to sift through at Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale, happening now. But don't stress; we've pulled out just a few of our favorite pieces for you to peruse as you look to update your wardrobe for fall.


TV by the NumbersJul 19, 2019
Thursday cable ratings: ‘Dr. Pimple Popper' and ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation' stumble but continue to lead
The victory was narrow, but ultimately "Dr. Pimple Popper" sat…

‘Elementary' and ‘The Wall' rerun adjust down: Thursday final ratings (TV by the Numbers)

Playbill NewsJul 19, 2019
The Secret to Tony Winner and Emmy Nominee Steven Levenson's Success? Agility.
The Dear Evan Hansen and Fosse/Verdon writer reveals the work behind his scripts.

Yahoo! BooksJul 19, 2019
Iran says U.S. may have shot down its own drone by mistake
Iran denied it lost a drone in the Strait of Hormuz after the United States said it had 'destroyed' an Iranian drone that was threatening a U.S. ship.

AV Club FilmsJul 19, 2019
Let's look at how well "digital fur technology" is doing to sell people on those Cats cats
The upcoming, Tom Hooper-directed version of Cats is an expensive, carefully-managed production put together by committed and talented artists. You can tell this because, in a behind-the-scenes look at how the movie was made, we have a very serious-sounding designer telling the viewer that "we've used digital fur…


Playbill NewsJul 19, 2019
Broadway's Steven Levenson Is a New Kind of Quadruple Threat
A Tony winner for Dear Evan Hansen and now an Emmy nominee for his Fosse/Verdon, the writer reveals the secret to his success across plays, musicals, television, and film.

Yahoo! BooksJul 19, 2019
Trump insists US downed Iranian drone, Tehran denies
President Donald Trump insisted on Friday that the military had downed an Iranian drone that was threatening a US naval vessel in the strategic Strait of Hormuz, despite denials from Tehran. Trump, speaking to reporters in the Oval Office, also warned Iran against doing anything "foolish," saying it would pay a heavy price if it did so. "No doubt about it, no -- we shot it down," Trump said at a White House event honoring the Apollo 11 astronauts.

Yahoo! BooksJul 19, 2019
The 12 Best Home Decor Deals from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

TV by the NumbersJul 19, 2019
TV Ratings Thursday: ‘Big Brother' keeps ahead, ‘Holey Moley' takes a hit
Broadcast primetime live same-day ratings for Thursday, July 18,…

NYTimes ArtsJul 19, 2019
‘Cats' Trailer: Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson and Many Questions
We finally get to see them along with James Corden and the newcomer Francesca Hayward as felines. What were they thinking.

Roger Ebert Movie ReviewsJul 19, 2019
She's Just a Shadow
Marie Losier's documentary steps into the ring with a Mexican professional wrestler, whose world is equal parts glamour and grunge.

BBC Entertainment & ArtsJul 19, 2019
BritBox: ITV and BBC set out plans for new streaming service
Shows like Love Island, Gavin & Stacey and Victoria will be on ITV and the BBC's streaming service.

ITV, BBC to offer BritBox at 6 pounds per month in UK (Reuters Entertainment)

AV Club FilmsJul 18, 2019
This Cats/Us trailer mash-up is hideously purrfect
Never let it be said that the internet is not prepared to do its duty when the clarion call comes, because that abomination of a Cats trailer has only been out for a couple of hours, and already the mash-ups have begun. And while Jennifer Hudson's take on "Memories" is probably the least objectionable element of the…


NYTimes ArtsJul 18, 2019
‘She's Just a Shadow' Review: Tokyo Grift
Gangsters, prostitutes and a murderous pervert collide in Adam Sherman's lurid, orgiastic blood bath.

Rolling Stone Movie NewsJul 17, 2019
Watch Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Jason DeRulo in Behind-the-Scenes Look at ‘Cats'
Preview of star-studded film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical shows rehearsal footage, set

Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Cats Movie (Playbill News)
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