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McConnell vows Trump's Supreme Court nominee will get a Senate vote (Washington Post Politics)
Why Mitch McConnell intends to confirm a new Supreme Court justice now, when he wouldn't in 2016 (Washington Post Politics)
Ginsburg's death jolts chaotic presidential race as both sides prepare for Supreme Court battle (Washington Post Politics)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court justice and legal pioneer for gender equality, dies at 87 (Washington Post Politics)
Ginsburg's death sets off political battle over her replacement, Supreme Court's future (Washington Post Politics)
Where polling stands as the Supreme Court vaults into the top tier of campaign issues (Washington Post Politics)
Trump, Clinton and Obama respond to Ginsburg's death as political fight looms (Washington Post Politics)
How RBG's death will impact hot-button issues before the Supreme Court (Politico)
How RBG's death could radicalize American politics (Politico)
AOC says Ginsburg's death should 'radicalize' Dems: 'I need you to be ready' (Fox Politics)
Ginsburg's death just blew up the 2020 campaign (Politico)
There'll Be Hell to Pay as Republican Hypocrites Race to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg (The Daily Beast)
Trump lauds Ginsburg but is eager to nominate her replacement, source says (CNN Politics)
This Is How Trump Perverted the Power of Positive Thinking (The Daily Beast)
The NRA and the Trump Campaign Appear to Be Flouting Election Laws. Again. (The Daily Beast)
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87 (CNN Politics)
Covid: PM considering new restrictions amid second coronavirus wave (BBC Politics)
Waiting to Fill Ginsburg's Seat Could Be Trump's Key to Victory (Politico)
The Point: RBG's death means Republican senators will face the ultimate test of their loyalty to Trump (CNN Politics)
Ted Cruz urges Senate to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat, warning of 'constitutional crisis' on Election Day (Fox Politics)
What's next in the Senate's colossal Supreme Court fight (Politico)
Bill Clinton shares statement, photo after Ginsburg death (Fox Politics)
Who will Trump nominate to succeed Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Some possible contenders. (Yahoo Politics)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg death makes Supreme Court major 2020 campaign issue (Fox Politics)
POLL: Joe 9 in Arizona, tied in NC... (Drudge Report)
Titanic replacement battle looms... (Drudge Report)
Alaska Senator Murkowski [R] said Friday she would not vote for a justice ahead of election... (Drudge Report)
‘This means everything': Trump finds new rallying cry with Ginsburg seat (Politico)
Biden says 2020 winner should pick Ginsburg replacement, citing 2016 (Politico)
McConnell vows to move forward with replacing Ginsburg, but does he have the votes? (Yahoo Politics)
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies at 87 (New York Times Politics)
Joe Biden mourns Ruth Bader Ginsburg and says she shouldn't be replaced until after the election (CNN Politics)
Murkowski, prior to Ginsburg passing, said she 'would not vote' to confirm a nominee to Supreme Court before election (Fox Politics)
Ginsburg's Death Could Change the 2020 Presidential Race (Foreign Policy)
Mitch Ready to Steamroll Dems on Ginsburg Replacement (The Daily Beast)
Trump at Minnesota rally: Biden will turn state into a ‘refugee camp' (Politico)
Biden, Trump heading to Minnesota as early voting begins (Washington Post Politics)
Biden, Trump wield class arguments as they vie for working-class voters in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest (Washington Post Politics)
CDC reverses controversial coronavirus guidelines for testing people without symptoms (Washington Post Politics)
Looming fight on Capitol Hill: Schumer calls to keep Ginsburg's seat open 'until we have a new president' (CNN Politics)
Trump says, without evidence, every American will get coronavirus vaccine by April (Washington Post Politics)
Trump hopes Biden's 1996 vote on a tax break will make Puerto Rican voters forget Hurricane Maria (Washington Post Politics)
Experiment in Wisconsin Changed Voters' Minds... (Drudge Report)
Analysis: Trump makes promises as 4 states start early voting (CNN Politics)
How Latino voters could swing the presidential election (Yahoo Politics)
Court rulings in critical swing states make it easier to vote this November — but may delay results (Yahoo Politics)
GOP Senate candidates turn to their families to deflect Democratic attacks on health care (CNN Politics)
C.D.C. Reverses Testing Guidelines for People Without Covid-19 Symptoms (New York Times Politics)
Covid: Second wave now hitting the UK, says Boris Johnson (BBC Politics)
Trump vows enough coronavirus vaccine doses for ‘every American' by April (Fox Politics)
CDC backtracks on controversial recommendations... (Drudge Report)
US extends coronavirus travel restrictions across Canadian, Mexican borders (Fox Politics)
CDC Issues Yet Another Round of Guidance on COVID-19 Testing (The Daily Beast)
CDC reverses course on testing for asymptomatic people who had Covid-19 contact (Politico)
Amal Clooney quits U.K. envoy role over ‘lamentable' Brexit move (Politico)
Taiwan scrambles jets as China military overshadows US visit... (Drudge Report)
Promise of October Vaccine Risks Letdown... (Drudge Report)
Second lockdown UK? (Drudge Report)
Brexit: Keir Starmer on Amal Clooney's resignation (BBC Politics)
Brexit: Amal Clooney quits government envoy role over law break plan (BBC Politics)
Outgoing China ambassador: Trump ‘believed the Chinese' early in pandemic (Politico)
China flies 18 warplanes near Taiwan during U.S. envoy's visit (Politico)
Virus Pulls Down Trump, Poll Shows, and G.O.P. Senators Suffer With Him (Politics - U.S. Senate)
Royal Family ‘Furious' With Harry and Meghan Over Netflix Deal: ‘They Are in Bed With the Enemy.' (The Daily Beast)
Bill Barr seems to be ready for a post-election constitutional crisis (CNN Politics)
If voters are wary of stating support for Trump in polls, why does he outperform GOP Senate candidates? (Washington Post Politics)
Democrats consider next steps after Bolton revelations on Trump (Reuters Politics)
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