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What do you think will happen with elections in November?

A Democratic win
Republicans will prevail
I don't know
I have a different view

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1. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (4/7/2018 7:25:50 PM)
     Message ID #301708

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The 2018 midterm season is upon us and the storyline in the House and Senate will be the balance of power and whether Republians can hold their majorities in both chambers. The momentum is tipping toward Democrats big time, particularly in House races, according to the latest CNN reporting. But Democrats are defending more than two dozen Senate seats, including 10 in states President Donald Trump won in 2016. Republicans have just eight Senate seats up for re-election.

Gov. Scott Walker tweeted that the party is "at risk of a #BlueWave" in November after Liberal Rebecca Dallet trounced conservative Michael Screnock in the race for a 10-year term on the state's high court.

So, what do you think? There is a lot of activism in the US by the left of center right now and President Trump still has one of the lowest approval rates in history.

What do you think will happen in November?

A democratic blue wave or.....

Republicans will stay in control.

What is your reasoning either way?

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2. R Fahrbach
     (4/9/2018 1:24:44 AM)
     Message ID #301749

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Democrats are gaining? Big time? According to CNN?

That's funny. A few days ago - according to CNN - Republicans were gaining.

3. Noel Meyer
     (4/9/2018 3:01:07 AM)
     Message ID #301750

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What do you think will happen with elections in November?

a. WHO KNOWS? I say that because I believe the INTERGRITY of American elections has been destroyed.
1. Trump won in 2016, surprising even he and his organization

2. RUSSIAN involvement is/was certain in 2016, in 2018 the list of those 'involved' include special interests from America, Russians, Chinese, Iran and North Korea. America has shown itself VULNERABLE and nothing has been done to thwart such cyber attacks on the integrity of our elections.

3. America has fallen prey to the illusion of 'FAKE NEWS'. Social media now has replaced facts. Opinions have replaced discipline and reasoning. The INMATES are now in charge of the loony bin.

4. Instead of making the system stronger -- i.e. better candidates, more skilled, better educated, honorable -- American elections are nominating (Sex in the City) movie stars for governor, ACTIVISTS (reacting to all sorts of frustrations -- Where in 2016 the FRUSTRATED were said to have elected TRUMP, every frustrated special interest group now runs its BEST KNOWN (read popular)candidate. Republican senate races in states like ALABAMA run sexual predators who ALMOST won instead of solid public servants who can get things done.

5. Meta-data. Americans are being played. The system is rigged against us. Forget the rise of the robots and watch as "bots" use the digital age to play on our fears, our frustrations. Remember 2016 and the PERSONALITIES that were involved? Remember the lack of ISSUES and the STANDS/SOLUTIONS that were never debated? 2018 has ISSUES (Republican failures and Republican attacks on social programs from Medicare to DACA) but what is being 'DISCUSSED'? Sexual scandals. LIES. Alternative facts. Lack of experience, skills, intent to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

6. MONEY...... MONEY....... MONEY and not a penny for INFRASTRUCTURE, for SCHOOLS, for MENTAL HEALTH, to pay down or even control the deficit and debt. Money for all sorts of EXTREMISTS views, special interests, class warfare all the while America loses its allies, alienates its international friends and becomes weakened in the eyes of the world.

4. T Cavanagh CEOExpressSelect Member
     (4/9/2018 6:12:37 AM)
     Message ID #301751

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Both sides will be disappointed, the dysfunction will prevail.

The last President gave up, turned his back, and walked around the Constitution. I donít blame him

This President is still willing to take them on head up, how long that lasts is really the question, because there is really only one political party in DC

Itís the party of Incumbency.

5. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (4/9/2018 7:33:36 AM)
     Message ID #301752

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trump has not yet figured out that the campaign is over, and the time for governing is now. He is still out attending campaign rallies and throwing out promises that his base is beginning to realize he will never keep. Rallies may still be fun and popular with most of the 40% of voters that make up his base, but not all, because less than 40% of voters support generic Republican candidates in the coming mid-terms. You can interpret that several ways.
His base may have become tired and dismayed at his failures to keep his promises. His base may have turned against the RINOs that trump is constantly bashing. Whatever the reasons, trumpís base is fading despite his tweets and campaign rallies and the fake news spread by right wing nut media outlets. The number of Republican incumbents not seeking reelection numbers in the mid-thirties. There are more Democratic candidates running than there are Republican.
Republicans only disagree about the depth of the blue wave that is coming this fall. No one disputes it.

6. D James
     (4/9/2018 8:53:29 AM)
     Message ID #301753

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Who cares?

7. D Robb
     (4/9/2018 9:44:35 AM)
     Message ID #301754

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Republicans appear to be ready to concede the loss of the House, and are turning their money and efforts to a last ditch effort to save the Senate. They worry that if the Democrats take back both the unanchored, narcissi president in his anxiety over the Russia probes will switch sides in hopes of retaining the presidency.

8. Scott Walker
     (4/9/2018 9:52:03 AM)
     Message ID #301755

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Democratics lose,

Republicans will Win and save America!

9. D Robb
     (4/9/2018 10:05:54 AM)
     Message ID #301756

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trump keeps lying. Much of his base doesnít mind because they like what he says even though even they have begun to realize he is lying. Independents remain very leery of the lying, criminal serial sexual predator which is why they are turning away. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.
Some of his biggest lies are about the tax cuts and economy. The trump tax cuts have not been rocket fuel for the economy. The U.S. gross domestic product grew 2.3 percent in 2017, trumpís first year in office, according to Bureau of Economic Analysis data. It grew at a faster rate in three of the years Obama was in office (2010, 2014 and 2015); it also grew at a faster rate for much of the George W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations. It is blowing a hole in the deficit which some on this forum have suddenly become concerned about again. It is also accelerating the inequality in this country.
Trump is desperately reviving his old campaign canards in hopes of energizing his tired and disappointed base. He revived the lies about voter fraud, he revived the lies about Mexicans being rapists and murderers, and he lied that construction has started on his wall. He lies every time his mouth is moving.

10. Scott Walker
     (4/9/2018 10:15:40 AM)
     Message ID #301757

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the Internet was the greatest thing that ever happened to help conservatives. However, The fake media, google continue try to turn that fact by twisting your searches for information.

The problem is that Google has been dishonest about their algorithm for a very long time. Years ago, there were complaints by companies like Yelp and others that said that Google was putting them down further in the search and favoring their own companies. Google flat out denied and said that was not true; they said that the algorithm was just math. We do not control that; itís just math. Well, research shows that they were completely lying and that they were tilting the scales in favor of other companies. Check out what Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute and best-selling author of Clinton Cash and Secret Empires.
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