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My Account and Connections

Video: CEOX Social Overview

How can I create an account to start using CEOX Social?
If you already have a CEOExpress account, just sign in. Need to create a new account? Just click the CEOX Social tab and complete a quick form to create your free CEOX Social account.

How do I connect to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to start creating posts?
Once you've created a CEOX Social account, you'll just need click the provided Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter buttons. If you're not already logged into those services, you'll be asked to do so. Then you just need to approve the connection to CEOX Social and you're ready to start posting.

Can I connect to more than one social media account?
You can connect to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. If you have more than one account with any of those services, you can connect to all your accounts. If you have a business page associated with your Facebook account, you'll also be connected to that page.

How can I tell which accounts I'm connected to?
When you're logged into your CEOX Social account, all the social media accounts you're connected to will be listed on the left hand side of the page. Buttons under that list will allow you to connect to other services or accounts at any time.

Can I disconnect from my social media accounts?
You can connect to or disconnect from any of your social media accounts at any time. The accounts to which you are connected are listed along the left hand side of your CEOX Social home page. Just click the X that appears when you mouse over the account name to disconnect from that social media account. (Posts that you've scheduled to go out to that service will not post after you have disconnected.)

Posting with CEOX Social

Video: Creating Your Posts

How to do I create a post?
  1. When logged in, just click the "Create a post" button.
  2. Select the services to which you want to post, then click to move on to the next step.
  3. The services you selected will be listed on the left. Click to toggle between them to create and edit your messages.
  4. If you're adding a photo or article, the information entered into the first service will carry over to the others. See below for details.
  5. You can choose to post immediately, or schedule for the future.
Can I include links or photos in my posts?
You can. When posting to any service, just click the Add Photo link to upload a photo to include in your post. When posting to Facebook or LinkedIn, click Link Article to add a link. For Twitter, paste your link into the url shortener, then click to add it to your post.

When you add a link to any post, CEOX Social will grab available information, such as the article name, the photo associated with the article, and the description. This information will be prepopulated in your post for all selected services, and can be edited.

Can I shorten a link for Twitter?
Enter a link into the Shorten URL field under your Twitter post, then click Shorten. To add it to the Twitter post above, click the Add to Post button. If you want to use the same shortened link for the other services, you can cut and paste the shortened link into those posts.

Can I post to more than one service at a time?
You can. To get started, click the "Create a post" button. Then select all the services to which you want to post, from the provided list. When creating your post, use the service buttons on the left to toggle between services and customize each message.

Note: When you add a link to any post, CEOX Social will grab available information, such as the article name, the photo associated with the article, and the description. This information will be prepopulated in your post for all selected services, and can be edited.

Who will see my posts?
Your friends (or followers or connections) at whichever services you've selected will see your post in their feeds, as they would any posts you made directly on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

When will my post go out?
When you create your post, you can choose to either post it immediately, or schedule for later. If you choose to schedule for later, you'll be able to choose a date, time and time zone to specify when the post will appear to your selected services.

Managing Scheduled Posts

Video: Managing Scheduled Posts

Can I edit or review posts scheduled to go out on a future date?
Click "Manage scheduled posts" to view all your scheduled posts. Some information, such as which services the post will be posted to, is listed on the management page. To preview or make changes to the post, click to Edit. You can change the wording, remove or add a picture, reschedule the date or time, or even turn off the post, so it will not be posted (until you decide to turn it back on). On the management page, you can also delete a post entirely.

How will I know my post went out?
When you schedule a post to appear at a later date/time, you'll receive an email confirmation when it has posted. (If for some reason the post fails, you will also receive an email alerting you to failed post.)

Why didn't my post work?
If your post did not go out successfully, you'll receive an email letting you know. There are several reasons why a post might fail. Almost all of them can be solved one of two ways:
  1. You may need to reconnect to the service that failed (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn). You can do so on your CEOX Social homepage, using the Connect buttons on the left.
  2. You can also reschedule your post, and CEOX Social will try to send it again. Just find the post on your "Manage" page and click "edit" to reschedule.

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