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How do you think 2019 will proceed now that democrats hold the majority in Congress.

Things will get worse--congress and Trump will stay in their corners and not compromise
Things will get better--compromise will be imperative or all will lose
I have another take

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1. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (1/3/2019 10:52:44 AM)
     Message ID #319422

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The stock market is crashing, China just landed on the dark side of the moon, federal workers are still not getting paid, all the generals are gone, the trash is piling up outside the White House,the porta-potties are disgusting in the National Parks, and 90% of the cabinet positions are now held by former lobbyists in the industries they are overseeing. And "the wall" is languishing.

Not exactly an auspicious beginning to 2019.

The House controls the budget and, as of this week the Democratic Party will hold the House.

Nancy Pelosi is now in charge and is a very different leader from Paul Ryan.

  • So, what do you think will happen in 2019?
  • Who will come out the "winner"?
  • What effect with the interaction between Trump the the House have on the 2020 election?
  • What other views do you have of Washington in 2019?

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2. R Fahrbach
     (1/3/2019 11:30:02 AM)
     Message ID #319425

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...and hopefully it will stay that way - and worse - until the wall is funded.

3. Bo Noles
     (1/3/2019 11:52:32 AM)
     Message ID #319426

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By years end the democrats are all going to need Emotional Support Chickens and fresh diapers. To include some of the unpaid shills who post on this site.

The democrats are losing control of their party to the leftest progressives. Of the 66 seats gained in the House, 25 are progressives. There will be lots of fights within the party.

There are many investigations underway right now. There are tens of thousands of sealed indictments. The mass arrest and the realization of who they are will rock the nation.

The hoax Russia Collusion investigation will be a major embarrassment for the democrats. Guantanamo Bay Cuba will be at capacity.

We will see the arrest of many high level deep state players. They'll be convicted and sentenced to prison.

We'll see a major crackdown on pedophilia and human trafficking. Many high profile and famous people will be in prison because of this crackdown.

The democrats/Leftest are going to waste tens of millions of dollars trying to impeach President Trump. Such a waste of time and money. Of course, all that will stop once the Spygate and hoax Russia Collusion investigation ends and the truth is revealed.

There's a lot more. I'll post more later.

It's going to be a glorious year for Patriots.

4. D Robb
     (1/3/2019 11:53:34 AM)
     Message ID #319427

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2019 will see the end of trump though it may be early 2020 before he resigns in disgrace. After Mueller reports out and the Democratic committees begin to leak what they have discovered there will be increasing pressure on trump to declare he will not run. Eventually, despite his refusing to do that he will be challenged in the primary.

5. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (1/3/2019 11:56:26 AM)
     Message ID #319428

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Well as usual I had to do my standard "I have another take" option.

That said, I've already written emails to both my Senators and my Congressman expressing my expectation they stand up to that INFANTILE IDIOT in the WH, regardless of the fact they're all Repugnicans. And while I sadly don't expect them to do as requested, I've given them my thoughts (in writing) so I'm on the record.

I've also called their offices and expressed my thoughts verbally as well since I suspect the volume of email they're receiving will delay the arrival/processing of any emails to start w/.

Now to the forum question ...

Hopefully the Donkeycrats will stand their ground against that INFANT in the WH and also hopefully the Repugnicans will finally find some spine, get off their knees and throw away their pucker where he's concerned as well.

Do I think it'll happen? No, not in the above stipulated manner but if the country is to survive that INFANT's tantrums something close is necessary and the sooner the better but I'm also no holding my breath.

And FTR, No I don't think the Donkeycrats have all the answers but they've got more of them CURRENTLY than do the Repugnicans. Who will have the answers over the long haul? Hard to tell in the main but I suspect it'll be found somewhere in the middle and it's high time we got back there!

6. Bo Noles
     (1/3/2019 12:06:37 PM)
     Message ID #319429

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"How do you think 2019 will proceed now that democrats hold the majority in Congress."

Won't matter. They'll spin their wheels.

Trump and the Patriots needed the Senate majority. Which they have. 53 - 47

7. T Cavanagh CEOExpressSelect Member
     (1/3/2019 12:10:12 PM)
     Message ID #319430

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"The new Democratic House is being compared with the first Pelosi majority of 2006, but there’s one big difference: The 2018 Democrats ran on no discernible agenda beyond rejecting Donald Trump and all his works. The animating purpose of Congress will be investigations to damage, and perhaps impeach, the President to tee up total Democratic control after 2020.

One certainty is the end of pro-growth legislation. The trend will be toward higher taxes, more regulation and more harassment of business. The new House rules have already cashiered “dynamic scoring” that forced the Congressional Budget Office to think about how a proposal affects the economy. Dynamic scoring isn’t some GOP effort to prove taxes “pay for themselves” but a tool that informs lawmakers of economic costs and trade-offs and can improve policy"
- Enter the House of Pelosi, WSJ Editorial Board

The Party out of Power seeks a Power that is both permanent and absolute, at any cost. Ordinary Americans are the goats

8. D Robb
     (1/3/2019 12:16:51 PM)
     Message ID #319431

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Presidents under siege normally seek to distract from their domestic woes by international initiatives. That will not work for trump.
North Korean denuclearization is presently dead. Kim is expecting trump to agree to another summit which trump has indicated he is willing to do. Despite trump’s still believing that Kim is serious about giving up his nuclear weapons, few Republicans share his confidence.

Unfortunately, N and S Korea are continuing their Rapprochement and trump has alienated China so he has virtually no leverage over Kim but the sanctions which, thanks to Russia and China, are leaking badly. trump’s stupid lavish praise of Kim has further impeded the United States’ ability to rally foreign partners to pressure the North.

U.S. policy options vise a vie N Korea are extremely limited which means that military tensions will increase, and Kim may resume threatening the US and resuming missile testing.

9. D Robb
     (1/3/2019 12:25:23 PM)
     Message ID #319432

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trump got to the White House riding the support of the angry 40 percent of voters for whom the most visible manifestation of “making America great again” is a wall on our southern border. trump made that symbol the single most tangible part of his brand, but now that his supporters expect it and his reputation depends on it, the wall is his Christmas past. he needs to move past it and attempt to do something, anything, that will get him additional supporters. Instead he has no choice but to stand his ground and fight to the bitter end.
To him, the media’s opinions don’t matter, the Democrats’ opinions don’t matter and the opinions of more moderate, pragmatic members of his own party don’t matter. What he has learned from history and his own experience — in politics and business — is that if broadening your base means disappointing your core audience, it will lead to disaster. He cannot change his spots, and since the wall and the shutdown is disapproved of by a majority of voters he cannot win.
trump’s failure to build the wall will force his base to recognize that he never had a plan — that when he said, “Mexico will pay for it, believe me,” he was conning them.

10. Michael O'Neill
     (1/3/2019 12:33:53 PM)
     Message ID #319433

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Predictions aren't easy. Obviously many of us thought Hillary would win, and many MAGAtards here said the GOP would keep the House. But, it's pretty apparent Dennison is in way over his head and isn't going to make it. He's has ratcheted up his volume of lies to 15-20 daily. He's no dealmaker as he likes to brag. Anyone who meets with him comes away shocked at his lack of preparedness and shallowness of his knowledge. Many pretty sharp people such as Rex Tillerson have point blank called him a moron. And did every General in the world suddenly get stupid, as Dennison tweets?

All signs point to the outcome Dennison has experienced many times, collapse and failure.
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