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How will history judge the Presidency and accomplishments/failures Obama?

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1. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (12/22/2016 10:45:21 PM)
     Message ID #277383

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With just a few weeks left in Barack Obama’s presidency, Americans’ early judgments of his place in history are more positive than negative. Obama is poised to leave office on a high note: Current assessments of both the president and the first lady are among the most favorable since they arrived in the White House.

At the same time, many express skepticism about whether Obama has been able to make progress on the major problems facing the nation, and whether his accomplishments will outweigh his failures. Democrats and Republicans have distinctly different views on Obama’s legacy, and these partisan divides are greater today than they have been for other recent presidents.

And when asked what Obama will be most remembered for, more cite the Affordable Care Act – which faces an uncertain future in the Republican-controlled Congress – than anything else.

Obama is set to leave the White House with a job approval rating only slightly below Reagan’s and Clinton’s. Currently, 58% approve of his job performance, while 37% disapprove. Obama’s job ratings have steadily improved over the last several months, and are the highest they have been since a short-lived bump in approval immediately following his re-election.

However, views of Obama’s job performance – as well as opinions of his historical legacy – are deeply divided along partisan lines.

Today, fully 78% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents expect the Obama administration’s accomplishments to outweigh its failures in the long run – nearly identical to the share of Democrats who said this of Clinton in early 2001. But just 13% of Republicans now expect Obama’s accomplishments to outweigh his failures; 45% Republicans said this about Clinton nearly 16 years ago.

Evaluations of Obama among Republicans and Democrats reflect a growing partisan divide in approval ratings of the president. Now at its widest since the 1950s, the partisan gap in approval is driven by increasingly negative views of the president among the opposition party.

Nearing the end of his two terms, Obama’s average approval stands at 14% among Republicans, compared with 81% among Democrats.

So, it appears that the republicans distain of Obama is about equal to the democrats distain of Trump.

Houston, we have a problem.

  • How do you think that history will judge Obama
  • What do you think can be done to lessen the huge divide between the republican and democratic parties right now?
  • What do you think needs to be done to bring the country together?

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2. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (12/22/2016 11:53:44 PM)
     Message ID #277384

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Obamacare is probably the signature legislation that President Obama will be remembered for. It will be a challenge for Trump who said he would "repeal" Obamacare. The health care issue will be a huge challenge for Trump. The toothpaste is out of the tube relative to health coverage, and you can't take health care away from people without huge political implications.

Preexisting conditions, being able to get healthcare when you are between jobs, coverage for children until they are 26. These are now considered part of being an American.

Obamacare needs to be fixed--mainly, controls of the cost side and more managed care requirements on the buy side.

I supported the passage of Obamacare and it has worked for a huge number of people. As an employer, I used standard managed care insurance for my employees, but they are much happier knowing that if they leave my employ and work for themselves at some point, they can get affordable insurance. Everyone should have access to affordable healthcare. In my view Obamacare needs be be fixed, not repealed. My sense is that is what Trump will do. Repeal and replace is going to be too much work and Trump needs to focus on jobs ASAP as that is what got him elected--more jobs in the heartland.

3. SAMUEL G BOGORAD CEOExpressSelect Member
     (12/23/2016 1:41:19 AM)
     Message ID #277385

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| NJ Advance Media for By Jonathan D. Salant | December 22, 2016

WASHINGTON -- Social Security recipients who owe student loans have found their payments garnished to pay off their debt and some have been forced into poverty as a result, according to a report released Thursday by the investigative arm of Congress.

The Government Accountability Office said 114,000 Americans receiving Social Security payments either because of their age or disability have had their payments cut because of outstanding debt, an increase of 540 percent over a decade. More than two-thirds of recipients in default, 69 percent, were on disability.

Most of the money collected, 70 percent, went to pay interests and fees, not to reduce the outstanding balance. Among those over 65, the number receiving Social Security benefits below the poverty grew to 67,300, up from 8,300 in 2004, the GAO said.
For many retirees, Social Security serves as the foundation of their income strategy.
"This report shows us that seniors clearly aren't immune to the student loan crisis--they're deeply impacted by this issue to the point that it's leaving many of them in a dire financial situation," said U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who requested the report. "We could have hundreds of thousands of American seniors living in poverty due to garnished Social Security benefits if this trend continues, and we shouldn't allow that to happen."

The debt held by those aged 65 and older increased to $22 billion from $2 billion a decade earlier. Of the 870,000 borrowers in that age bracket, 37 percent were in default, compared with 17 percent of the 17.4 million borrowers under age 50.

"This report shows us that seniors clearly aren't immune to the student loan crisis--they're deeply impacted by this issue to the point that it's leaving many of them in a dire financial situation," said U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who requested the report. "We could have hundreds of thousands of American seniors living in poverty due to garnished Social Security benefits if this trend continues, and we shouldn't allow that to happen."

The GAO recommended that the government adjust its Social Security garnishments to reflect increases in the cost of living, and make it easier for those on disability to get rid of their debt.

"The hard-earned Social Security checks that are the sole source of income for millions of seniors should not be siphoned off to pay interest and fees on student loan debt," said U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who released the report with McCaskill. "It's no wonder many Americans don't think Washington works for them: Our government is shoving tens of thousands of seniors and people with disabilities into poverty through garnishment every year."

4. D Robb
     (12/23/2016 7:08:18 AM)
     Message ID #277386

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Opinions on President Obama’s accomplishments are starkly partisan. He ends his presidency with an approval rating of 57% and I predict that actions by the new Republican Congress and President will cause it to go up. This is the AOL list of the top 10 accomplishments of President Obama:
1. The Affordable Care Act.
2. He authorized the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.
3. Obama and Raul Castro reversed over 60 years of tension between the U.S. and Cuba by restoring diplomatic ties.
4. He urged states in 2013 to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. Since then 18 states and Washington, D.C. have responded.
5. He helped stimulate the auto industry after the financial crisis. Chrysler and GM have created 250,000 jobs since then.
6. President Obama was one of the key leaders that fought for the Paris Agreement. It created a comprehensive framework to reduce global climate change.
7. He commended and supported the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage saying.
8. He passed the Dodd-Frank Act, which holds Wall Street accountable in the event of another financial crisis.
9. Obama repealed 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'. By reversing the law, LGBT members of the armed forces no longer have to hide who they are.
10. Finally, he jumpstarted the economy during the worst recession since the Great Depression. In the wake of the global recession, Obama signed the Recovery Act, which cut taxes and saved millions of jobs.

This information is from a Fox News Poll. It shows clearly that President Obama turned the economy around and brought us back from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Mistakenly, many of those who lost their jobs blame unfair trade deals and actions by China. The truth is that low level manufacturing jobs are being destroyed by increased productivity from automation.
President Obama ends his presidency with positive ratings for his overall job performance as well as his handling of the economy.
One-third says the economy is in excellent (3 percent) or good shape (30 percent). That’s up 10 percentage points from 23 percent in January 2016 (2 percent excellent and 21 percent good).
Before Obama took office in 2009, just five percent of voters rated economic conditions positively (1 percent excellent and 4 percent good). Some 23 percent say it’s in poor condition today, down drastically from 74 percent (January 13-14, 2009).

5. Marcus Phillips
     (12/23/2016 8:54:21 AM)
     Message ID #277388

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Most Americans don't want to believe they could elect a president who would actively seek to undermine the country and destroy many of our fundamental institutions, but after nearly seven years of onetime community organizer Barack Hussein Obama as president, millions of voters are convinced that he came to office specifically with an agenda to take the United States down several notches.

In fact, many Americans believe that Obama even admitted as much, albeit in a cryptic sort of way, when he declared just five days before the November 2008 election that he wanted to "fundamentally transform" the country

Was that just "in the moment" electioneering? Let's take a closer look at Obama and his record, and see if he has pursued policies and legislation that have made America stronger or weaker.

1. Obamacare. This one piece of legislation has essentially upended the entire health industry, and there is just no arguing it or denying it. But this "reform" law did not deliver any of what Obama promised – universal coverage, lower annual deductibles, lower monthly premiums (even the newly covered and currently subsidized enrollees have to pay something whereas before, when they were uninsured, they paid nothing), and lower overall healthcare costs. What's more, the healthcare industry and American consumers hate it and would like to see it repealed, but that isn't resonating with a tone-deaf, ideologically driven president.

2. Unlimited immigration. Beginning shortly after he won reelection, Obama issued an unconstitutional executive order – an action he claimed repeatedly prior to the election that he had no authority to do. What makes this harmful? Mass immigration of poor, uneducated third-world people who come into the U.S. not to assimilate with our culture but to keep their own and demand that U.S. taxpayers subsidize them.

Now, despite the fact that prior to the election the federal courts repeatedly upheld an injunction against the president's policy, the White House hasn't changed it's policy one iota. Deportations of illegal immigrants under the policy have been dramatically reduced, even as scores more pour across the Southwest border, and the number of Border Patrol agents is decreasing.

Does this sound like a man who is serious about preserving the integrity of American sovereignty and culture?

3. Not serious about terrorism. Obama talks a good game when it comes to lecturing the American people (and Republicans) about his so-called "strategy" to defeat ISIS, which he keeps saying is working, but which top military officials have condemned as ineffectual and rudderless?

After terrorist attacks such as those in Paris, any U.S. president who does not double down on efforts to eliminate the entity responsible – especially when the same group is known to have a presence in the United States, is not serious about protecting his countrymen and, in fact, may even be inviting harm upon them. Say what you will about the Bush Administration, but in the aftermath of 9/11 the president and Congress created the Department of Homeland Security, beefed up border security and ramped up intelligence collection, even to the point of illegality, ostensibly so that there would be no follow-on attacks.

6. Marcus Phillips
     (12/23/2016 8:54:33 AM)
     Message ID #277389

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4. Fomenting racial tension. Obama does all that he can to divide the country along racial lines, most notably by taking the very unprecedented and un-presidential step of commenting publicly on local cases that have a racial element – that is, local cases he can use to exploit his narrative that America has made no progress on matters of race (here, here and here).

In fact, have you ever heard Obama say anything complimentary about his own country – that Americans are, by and large, wonderful, giving, honest, open and accepting people; that our country, like other countries, has some warts but that we as a nation have done all we can passing laws and constitutional amendments to right the wrongs of the past; that we are an "indispensable nation" that protects more than half the planet from tyranny, death and destruction?

Shouldn't a U.S. president feel these things? Shouldn't he be proud to be the leader of such a country?

Obama clearly is not. His dour demeanor, his incessant criticism, his petulant lecturing of political opponents, his hands-off approach to national security and his background as a communist/Marxist ideologue all add up to one of the most loathsome presidents, if not the most loathsome, in our history.

"I think the question is why is he so angry at America? I don't think there's much question that he does not wish America well. He has a real, strong hatred of America," economist Ben Stein said on Newsmax TV's Steve Malzberg Show.

5. Debt. During his first campaign, Obama chastised President George W. Bush for adding $4 trillion to the national debt, calling it "unpatriotic" and "irresponsible." But he has added more than twice that amount since taking office – worsening the debt burden on our children and grandchildren, which he claimed to care about seven years ago.

6. The Constitution. Obama, Mr. "Constitutional Law Professor," has been a bigger enemy of our founding document than any president in history, something that has even been pointed out by liberal law Prof. Jonathan Turley.

7. Military madness. Presidents past have often used the military as a test bed of social experimentation, and successfully. But Obama is pushing social experimentation to an unprecedented level – one that experts believe will ultimately have lasting damage, such as permitting people to serve who have no idea what sex they really are, and allowing women to serve in combat roles despite increases in injuries and mental health issues.

8. Packing the federal courts. Obama is "packing" the Federal Court for the D.C. Circuit with activist, like-minded judges because that is the federal circuit that hears and decides legal challenges to rules and regulations issued by the federal bureaucracy. And he wants those rules to remain in place long after he is gone.

9. Permanent economic damage. Obama has issued more expensive regulations than virtually any president before him, including those associated with Obamacare and, most recently, tens of billions in new costs from burdensome and expensive EPA regulations. A packed D.C. Circuit is likely to rule against states that are suing to get these rules tossed.

10. Permanent changes to society. Obama's importation of third-world poor and Middle Eastern "refugees" will change the face of the country, culturally, in dangerous ways not yet identified.

7. scott walker
     (12/23/2016 9:10:35 AM)
     Message ID #277390

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How will history judge the Presidency and accomplishments/failures Obama?

Obama’s misdeeds will be documented and shock the conscience of the American public they will demonstrate the gravity of the condition in which America now finds itself after nearly 8 years of his socialistic and lawless behavior.

8. scott walker
     (12/23/2016 9:15:23 AM)
     Message ID #277391

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Obama will be considered one of the greatest destroyers of American’s freedom Obama repeated revealed his impatience with our Constitution’s separation of power and its checks and balances.

9. Scott Collins
     (12/23/2016 9:19:04 AM)
     Message ID #277392

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If Bush had been responsible for Solyndra, main stream media would still be harping on it.

After all, not only did Bush cause Katrina to hit New Orleans, but he also secretly forced the local politicos to screw up the early aid efforts, right?

10. Scott Collins
     (12/23/2016 9:25:36 AM)
     Message ID #277393

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Apart from my unfortunate cynicism, the larger point is that Obama was the media's darling and he got a pass on so much crap and that had a pervasive effect on his perception with a lot of America. After all, Travon Martin looked like he could be his son. Can you imagine if a white politician had said the same thing about an officer who defended his life with deadly force?

The most current illustration of that is the intensely critical questioning Trump is experiencing from main-stream media. That level of scrutiny simply did not exist when Obama was elected.
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