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Can Donald Trump Turn around the election at this point?

Don't know

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1. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (10/19/2016 8:32:26 AM)
     Message ID #270478

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Trump is behind in nearly all polls and his ability to win the presidential election is looking very slim. . Both Trump and Clinton have the lowest favorability ratings of any prior election.

There are only a a couple weeks before the election and early voting has started in many states with a focus on Pennsylvania and other swing states. . However, the "rigged election" rhetoric seems to be failing and according to the NYTimes today, few of his followers are answering the call to watch polls and the republican vice chair of Philadelphia's election board says they have received no calls from voters outside the state and no more than standard requests. President Obama has called Trump "a whiner".

On the Clinton side, there are the seemingly endless wikileaks dumps---almost daily now. Russian intelligence have been identified by the CIA as the perpetrator of the hacks--that they hacked the emails and then delivered them to Wikileaks. A few days ago Ecuador shut off internet access to Julian Assange at the embassy where he has taken refuge as they did not want to be part of a Russian attempt to (I can just see him pacing).

The 3rd debate questions by Chris Wallace of Fox News will cover the following:

  • Debt and Entitlement
  • Immigration
  • Economy
  • Fitness to be president
  • Supreme Court
  • Foreign hot spots

What is the most important issue to you? What do you think will happen to "down ballot" candidates?

What do you think? Can Trump turn the election around or is it too late?

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2. Jeffrey Boire CEOExpressSelect Member
     (10/19/2016 8:52:08 AM)
     Message ID #270480

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Imagine you are a 12 year old young lady like my daughter. Is Hillary Clinton a 'good example' for you?

Is she like Amazing Grace Hopper?

No. Not one single bit. And if you don't know her, lookit up.

3. D Robb
     (10/19/2016 9:01:40 AM)
     Message ID #270481

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The country is realigning politically along an axis of educational achievement and race. Democrats have been on the upswing with minorities, college-educated whites and younger voters, while Republicans are increasingly reliant on older whites, whites without a degree, or both.
Trump is looking for breakthroughs in states where non-college whites outnumber college-educated whites the most: Iowa (by 30 percent), Wisconsin (by 25 percent), Ohio (by 24 percent) and Nevada (by 18 percent).
If only males or whites were allowed to vote Trump would win easily, but he has exacerbated the problems the Republican Party leadership identified after the last election by alienating women, blacks, Hispanics, and immigrants. The question now is whether the GOP will split into two parties or disintegrate and new part(ies)arise from the ashes.

4. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (10/19/2016 9:17:00 AM)
     Message ID #270482

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While I voted "Don't Know", as flawed as both candidates are it IS technically possible. But then as the old saying goes: "Anything's Possible but the proof is in the Pudding".

Given my druthers I'd really like to have a Binding "None of the Above" option to use when I vote on Nov 8 but sadly that's not gonna be available.


The forest of Negatives (for EACH candidate) is so incredibly thick it's hard to see a single Positive that would swing the scale either way.

And while I won't be voting for ANY of the "declared" candidates, I WILL vote come election day. And as bad as the next four years is gonna be (regardless of the outcome Nov 8), I hope "Stability" (Hillary) wins over "Instability" (Trump) since neither Johnson nor Stein have a single chance in hell of winning.

Message edited by user at 10/19/2016 9:28:28 AM

5. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (10/19/2016 9:24:09 AM)
     Message ID #270483

This message is in response to Jeffrey Boire ( message id #270480 )  View All Related Messages

And a man who brags openly, via countless channels, about assaulting women is a good role model for your daughter? There are at least nine women who accuse him of awful assault and a reporter who says (and it was confirmed by her editor) Trump called her the "c" word. The people magazine reporter who says she was grabbed and assaulted had SIX witnesses support the story in that she called to told them personally right after the incident.

Everyone knows who Grace Hopper is. It's not a mystery. She was an interesting, intelligent trailblazer. But, I don't get your point. She's long dead and she wasn't a politician.

I'd prefer Harry Truman (or any past president back to Washington) to Donald Trump, but he's dead--just like Grace Hopper.

This is about two candidates and the question is, given that Trump is behind in nearly every poll and that there is only a couple weeks before the election--can he do anything to turn it around. Time is running out.

6. Rick Spector CEOExpressSelect Member
     (10/19/2016 9:40:53 AM)
     Message ID #270484

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One can certainly argue the merits or liabilities of either of the candidates. Both have supplied us with a plethora of arguments to be made.

But the most absolutely ridiculous argument I've heard about why someone won't vote for Hillary was one I heard from my insurance agent, about a month ago. He said he won't vote for her because he doesn't like the sound of her laugh. Seriously? What does he think this election is? Prom queen? Now if that's not a bunch of sexist dog-whistle nonsense, I just don't know what is.

7. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (10/19/2016 9:47:34 AM)
     Message ID #270485

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Legitimate Registration is suspended. The Justice Department has been unplugged. The media has openly rejected objectivity. All the money is flowing in one direction. The polls are bouncing around as if 20.000,000 people are suddenly changing their minds.

Who has that kind of power?

Not Donald or Hillary... by a long, long shot. Are you going to vote to hand the last few vestiges of control over the the all powerful?

Or are you going to vote to try to save some for yourselves?

You are not determining who the President is... you are determining who YOU are.

8. Richard Cox
     (10/19/2016 9:58:57 AM)
     Message ID #270486

This message is in response to Jeffrey Boire ( message id #270480 )  View All Related Messages

Imagine you have 3 grown daughters, 38, 28, and 21, and your president has publicly bragged about forcing his intentions on women, even grabbing their genitals. What would you do if he said that to you in the presence of your daughters? The last thing he'd see from me would be my fist. Imagine that you're a small business contractor, and that you enter into a service contract with a much larger firm, and that larger firm then stiffs you simply because it can, knowing that you likely can't bear the cost of chasing them through the courts and that the lost revenue is smaller than the cost of legal action. How do you tell your employees that because you trusted enough to go into business with that firm, you're now going to have to let some of them go? Trump wants to call Mrs. Clinton "Crooked Hillary"? The pig smells its own shit first.

9. Jefferson Packer
     (10/19/2016 10:04:14 AM)
     Message ID #270487

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Can he "turn around" the election? The question assumes that it isn't already his.

The great unknown that none of the pollsters are able to uncover, is just how many secret supporters does he have? There is a social price to pay for coming out publicly in support of a man who is such a pig, and such an @$$. But in the secrecy and privacy of the voting booth, how many people are going to choose him not because they admire him or agree with everything he says, but because they want to throw a badly-coiffed, loudmouthed rock at the picture window of the political establishment? How many prisoners of political correctness are going to use their vote to thank him for saying things in public that would get them fired at work?

Racism, sexism, xenophobia and amateur white supremacy haven't been destroyed by our modern, politically correct society - they have simply been driven underground. How much of that will surface on election day? I don't believe that anyone really knows. Add to that the fact that both major parties have been ignoring the white working and middle classes for so long now that many of those people may be ready to vote for anyone, even a lunatic, over one more establishment candidate who is certain to simply maintain the status quo.

The corporate-owned media is working as hard to destroy him as they are at propping up their fav rave femzombie. They are doing everything they can to paint him with the brush of doom while they struggle to find ways to light her and present her that don't make her look like the soulless, undead husk that she most certainly is. She has all the earnest passion of a shed, dried snakeskin. By comparison, he's the real thing. The only problem is that he is certifiable. He's a racist, sexist, xenophobic lunatic.

The media is doing a very good job at the moment of making it look like he's going to lose by a landslide. But the truth is that they are working very hard to create that perception, and then reporting on the perception that they are creating - and that isn't the same thing as creating reality - not when the middle class has been over a barrel for as long as it has, and not when the vast majority of American voters have completely lost faith in both of the two major parties.

Of course, where the perception of his imminent defeat is concerned, he's making it easy for them. If I didn't know for a fact that he was a billionaire... (DO we know that for a fact?) I would bet a good-sized chunk of change that we are watching someone "take a dive," like a mob-entangled boxer in Vegas. What if we aren't seeing his tax returns because he's really almost broke, and he's being paid to pave a path to victory for her? And like so many other "what ifs," we won't find out about that soon enough for it to make a difference in November.

In the meantime, as we plod miserably towards the nearly-certain future of having one of these two as our next president for at least the next four years, illegal immigrants pour over our southern border, Russia rattles its sabers like they haven't in almost three decades, and the middle class gets smaller and smaller while the college degrees their kids are going in hock for are worth less and less. Whichever one of them wins, they're not going to be sitting on a leather chair in the oval office. They're going to have to learn how to get comfortable on a powder keg.

10. Noel Meyer
     (10/19/2016 10:05:00 AM)
     Message ID #270488

This message is in response to Jeffrey Boire ( message id #270480 )  View All Related Messages

"Imagine you are a 12 year old young lady like my daughter"

1. Have you asked your daughter what she thinks? No, of course not. YOU don't think she has the capacity to make a decision like that.

2. Do you think that crouch grabbing Donald Trump (his wife believes(?) his comments about women were just little boy's talk (from a 59 year old guy))sets the example of a world your 12 year old daughter will want to grow into?

3. How come, if immigration is so bad, that Trump has used his immigrant wife to plagiarize Michelle Obama's speech and be his 'mother's note' to the teacher asking that Trump be forgiven for his comments?

Jeffrey, people in glass houses should not throw rocks.

People trying to defend what Trump continuously says, day in, day out, have no defense for such views.
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