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How do you rate President Obama's administration?

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1. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (3/11/2009 1:21:32 PM)
     Message ID #102667

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The president made a lot of promises during the campaign. As with all campaigns, he was long on what and short on how. All administrations must be accountable for their actions and their outcomes. How do you think Obama is doing in the areas of:

  • Economy
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Military conflicts
  • Diplomacy
  • Domestic security
Rather than taking a broad brush and saying "he can do no right" or "he can do no wrong", please take each of the above items and discuss the ones where you believe he is strongest or weakest.

This is your chance to be specific. Take it.

Energy? Important right now? What about health care--do you consider it in crisis territory? Where does the econonmy fit--the primary concern, an equal concern with all the others or somewhere else?

CNN is following the same topics in their online special, "The 44th President First 100 Days:"

(NB: this poll will become an "ongoing" poll after it is out of the "poll of the day" status so that you can contribute throughout the year as things in the Obama administration ebb and flow.)

Editor's Note: Civility, politeness, and intelligent, thoughtful posts are expected in this forum. Personal insults and bashing will cause posts to be deleted. Your participation in these polls indicates acceptance of these terms.

2. Anthony Spurgin CEOExpressSelect Member
     (3/11/2009 2:36:33 PM)
     Message ID #102671

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I think that I need more than allocated words to cover the o'B admin.
Economy: unfocused, too many Dems feasts
Energy: Poor decision making, things cannot be turned around in 100 days. Reliance on wind and sun, is just too windy, typical illogical thinking, no thought of the economic cost or US public choices.
Health care: likely to be close to Canadian model, expensive or non-responsive to real needs
Military: lack of appreciation of what it takes, Bush needed to completely change and O'B is going to also change. One cannot incorporate the Taliban. This would really give up our principles
Diplomacy: Too focused on European ideas,
Domestic security: what security? The borders are open, the Dems are trying to allow more Mexs into country leading to fewer jobs for Americans.
I have tried to make it succinct. Each topic is worth many pages, if not books!

3. Noel Meyer
     (3/11/2009 3:00:29 PM)
     Message ID #102672

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President Obama's administration (Question does not focus on Obama, but HIS ADMINISTRATION)

1. Change:
a) Gotta get rid of Reid.
b) Gotta get rid of Pelosi
c) Emanuel can't fail, has got to be right, always. Emanuel needs to morph into an effective Rove-clone.
d) Geitner needs to have his own press hour each and everyday and can't 'hide in the shadows' about this economic recovery plan.

2. Agenda:
a) THANK-GOD we now have an Administration that accepts MULTI-TASKING on several fronts and not just augering in on one topic at a time.
b) Too many "long-term" agenda items. Need some victories on 'low hanging fruit', topics with RESULTS seen soon after action has been taken.
c) Bitter pill, putting the Iraq War and Afghanistan War INTO THE BUDGET instead of off the books. Needed to be done
d) Need to start bringing the troops home instead of redeploying to Afghanistan, AFRICA, and getting into a war with Iran.

3. Diplomacy:
a) I agree with Anthony Spurgin. America needs to look out for America. America can AID other nations, but unless someone foots the entire bill for our activities, America can no longer save the planet
b) The State Department had fewer people than the Military Band. The State Department needs to be grown, trained, and pushed as America's first line of defense.
c) Clinton is an adequate Sec. of State, could have done better

4. Mrs. President Obama. Michelle needs to hide away, do something before she is on magazine covers as a 'trend-setter'. What do you do with a Mrs. President whose one claim to fame is 'well toned arms'?

5. The Obama Administration needs to focus on Supreme Court nominees NOW, VET THEM, VET THEM WELL, and have as many as three solid nominees on board and ready to go like, NOW!!

Anyone living through the disaster that was the Bush Administration knew whomever came next was in for a mess. The first 50 days is really NO INDICATION of how Obama's Administration WILL DO, since it has been in 'emergency knee-jerk mode, Batman' since the election.

I fear that basics are being missed in the mad rush to 'deliver' on the campaign promises.

I fear NO ONE is watching the big picture, because so many are being OVERWHELMED by the individual emergencies of the economy, war with Iraq, and earmarks.

It's not a question of 'inexperience', it's a question of damage control. Ever fight a carrier fire, like what happened on the Yorktown --- The Obama Administration has had too many 'gotchas' with nominees who didn't pay their taxes --- With Republicans who at the last minute, shied away from accepting the job for 'unnamed reasons'.

How do you judge Obama's Administration then?

Way better than the Bush Administration BECAUSE the PEOPLE trust Obama and feared Darth Cheney.

PROBABLY more effective than the McCain Administration, because Rush and McCain and the Republicans would not get anything through Congress.... Gridlocked from the word go.

Obama's Administration (SO FAR) = LUCKY. Lucky is a good thing. {I think it was Grant who was asking about someone he wanted to make a general. He was told the guy was talented. But Grant asked him, "but is he lucky?"} I keep hoping that the 'lucky' has a host of friends like TALENT - GENIUS - INTEGRITY - GUTS to go with 'lucky' so as to make this country great again.

4. D James
     (3/11/2009 3:21:17 PM)
     Message ID #102673

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No surprises. He's not a "moderate" nor are his staff. Selections to cabinet positions are horrendous; this is likely the largest collection of tax cheats in one place other than the Metropolitan Correction Center in Manhattan. The markets are reacting to his (1) lack of plan and (2) negativity by their actions. only recent for a recent uptick is because hope against hope that 49 Blue Dog Ds will join the Rs and vote against the "stimulus." Military is going to be cut, but, social programs (not to be confused with results or outcomes) are the vast majority of the planning.

As I said, no surprises.

Wishing the President only health, personal happiness, and one four year term as his plans implode well before 2010 and cause a major change in Congress and a reversion in certain statehouses to a more sober and conservative (not to be confused with the prior Administration's alleged conservatism) pursuit of a sound America.

Told you so.

5. Noel Meyer
     (3/11/2009 3:28:28 PM)
     Message ID #102675

This message is in response to D James ( message id #102673 )  View All Related Messages

"Told you so"

Just a reality check.

Do those on this forum really want to trust their country's future to a bunch of petulant "Told you so" 'quitters or do Class A minds like those on this forum want to participate in the solutions and be on the crest of the wave as it washes away the dirt of old Washington.

Editor's Note: Edited. Unnecessary stuff. Let's just talk about issues, not others.

6. Kevin V
     (3/11/2009 3:47:02 PM)
     Message ID #102677

This message is in response to Noel Meyer ( message id #102675 )  View All Related Messages

Noel, any mirrors in your house?

I believe the question was about the Administration?

You know, the one that is failing us right now...

7. Laurence Socci
     (3/11/2009 4:00:28 PM)
     Message ID #102679

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How do you rate Obama's Administration? I'd give them a C for Clinton --- the administration where most of them came from.

8. Brian Hamilton
     (3/11/2009 4:09:50 PM)
     Message ID #102680

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Its too soon to tell. I cant begin to tune out the background noise, and its impossible to say where Bush leaves off and Obama begins. I'm not seeing any excellence or rank incompetence, but I like his deportment and professionalism.

9. J Sunderland
     (3/11/2009 4:20:09 PM)
     Message ID #102681

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This will be a good way to determine slant of this site compared to the general public. Considering Obama's rating is around 65% according to WSJ, we'll see if we might have to trade away some conservatives here for paper clips and used pen refills.

10. John Lindsey CEOExpressSelect Member
     (3/11/2009 4:26:27 PM)
     Message ID #102682

This message is in response to Patricia Pomerleau ( message id #102667 )  View All Related Messages

"The president made a lot of promises during the campaign. As with all campaigns, he was long on what and short on how. All administrations must be accountable for their actions and their outcomes. How do you think Obama is doing in the areas of:

Rather than taking a broad brush and saying "he can do no right" or "he can do no wrong", please take each of the above items and discuss the ones where you believe he is strongest or weakest.

This is your chance to be specific. Take it."

Let me see here:

(1) Economy:

The economic team appointed by Obama along with the Fed. Chair and the FDIC lead are doing a consistent and strong job to place the economic system back into a working state with a set of agreed actions inside the constitutional requirements for the various parts of the government.

(2) Energy:

The man appointed as Energy Secretary is very well qualified in every regard to do this job. I watched him being interviewed in a no nonsense forum a few days ago for 1-2 hours (Charlie Rose) and his material answers stood up for both economcs and engineering results. Also, he clearly has enough funding support to get things moving and keep them going for the coming 1-2 years. I look forward to seeing the results he will produce.

(3) Healthcare:

NOW is likely the last chance we have in the USA to get health care repaired and working so that everyone can get decent treatement for health problems. The cost of healthcare that is born by the various companies who actually do provide health care makes US companies less competitive internationally as in a tax that bills

That trashing of our competitive power by crippling our commercial sector instead of supporting people's health and well being as a national objective appears to be hobbling our entire competitive position in the world.

The administration looks like it will make a good effort to make the health care system work better for the entire nation within the current presidential term of office as promised by Obama in his run for election.

(4) Military conflicts:

Winding down the IRAQ war commitment was a major reasonI voted for Obama instead of McCain, and Obama appears to be moving quickly to get the pentagon moving down that road with a realistic change of troop concentrations in IRAQ and in Afghanistan. Diminishing the first and increasing the second. We are about 7 1/2 years late in fixing this mismanagement, and I am extermely happy that we are finally fighting the right war to normalize the situation that we need takencare of.

(5) Diplomacy:

Already, the Secretary of State has begun to work directly on the Middle East in a way that Mr.Bush did not for his first 2 1/2 years.

(6) Domestic security:

As the new administration came into office, our ports were only checking about 2% of the cargo containers coming into the USA. This was 7+ years after 9/11. NOW there is an appropriate amount of money forwarded into the Coast Guard and the Customs Service who're both responsible for various parts of port security.

The amount forwarded into this task appears to be enough to double the amount of checked cargo within a year according to the head folks at Customs and Coast Guard. Discussed on CSPAN.
I actually do feel a lot safer with this new administration doing the right things to run the government on all fronts.

Happy Springtime
John Lindsey

Message edited by user at 3/11/2009 4:37:48 PM
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